How to shut down the noise?


I have been a heavy porn addict for more than 11 years and finally decided to never do PMO again. I saw “your brain on porn” and it blew my mind - I am on Day 2 now and it is so clear to me know. My brain does these tricks and lets me randomly think about scenes from various videos. It is like a loud noise which gets stronger every day. Does meditation work here?

Meditation helps but take porn away from your subconscious will take a lot of time.
Don’t worry just be focus and be busy


Do not rush anything, this are your first days feel the urges or as say it 'the scenes on your brain but do not act on them you ignore them they get weaker and weaker

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I typically have this noise for the first week, maybe 10 days. Afterwards it starts to go back

Not to discourage you, but after more than 2 months I still experience this “noise”. It has gotten a lot better over time though, so you’ll definitely see improvement.