How to resist morning M urge

Morning M urge is the only thing thats holding me back rn… Ive tried all kinds of app blockers but man, I always find a way to unblock them when i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to (i.e. always in the morning)… so they dont seem to be a solution to my morning relapse anymore.

Pls anyone else having the same problem?Any advice? Thankss

Bro the problem are u. If u really wanna stop, just don’t seek xxx, and go out of ur room

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First of all. You shouldn’t rely on porn blockers etc… It will only take you so far. You have to have will power and discipline.

Wake up, do 50 push ups, jump in cold shower. Urges will be vanished.

Science : Doing pushups and cold showers increases blood circulation throughout the body, and that’s what you want, reducing the blood flow from your wood and supplying it to other parts of your body.


Soon i will publish complete guide for blocking porn on all device (for free). I hope that will help you to override your morning urge.

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Fffhac… I Think personally talking about the problem and realising you have one is a first big step
Now coming towards your real problem. This also had happened to me… waking up in middle of night and fap … Though I am in the process …but I Think it is getting better.
the things that worked for me is taking to people, putting up timers and rewarding myself.

Taking to people firstly makes me embarassed but it also makes me realise I am not alone. Telling yourself you can overcome this also helps

By timer… I don’t only mean mobile timers.
I put timer and note notifications on mobile or laptop (whatever device you use). At times these timers buzz off at night while I was trying to do the deed. They are not loud enough to disturb my sleep. But are annoyin as fuck when I try to watch porn.

Lastly rewarding yourself can come indifferent shapes. I tell my self I am better or doing better
I sometimes eat or have a day out alone or with someone else (a friend)

I don’t know if it helps but remember I am there.
We all are there
You are not alone.
Feel free to pm me anytime


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