How to quit pmo


best ways to get busy if you are getting frequent urge?


I think the important part is to replace porn with the right things.

I feel like, often, porn serves or has a specific function in your day. In my case, I needed porn to relax after a stressful day. Also, when I have to do something that stresses me.
If I just cut away porn, I will have the same problem as you have. or if I replaced porn with the wrong kind of sports like something that puts more pressure on me. I needed to find something that helps me to relax. Like a walk around the blocks, cooking mindfully, and mindfulness in general.

Maybe it could help if you figure out what the role of porn in your day is and then replace it with the right thing.

I don’t think that there is THE solution for you. porn is highly linked with emotional problems. and these are things that only you can answer for yourself. I still hope it helps you a bit

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Lusting for women is perfectly normal. Maybe try getting into a relationship. This will probably take your mind of porn completely.
Also keeping away from porn will increase your feelings towards real women, that’s a positive thing.
Nofap isn’t about becoming a monk it’s about becoming a real man which you are. Your feelings are normal.


When we try to quit an addiction these things happens to the best of us.

The Real Man RISES ABOVE PAIN & SUFFERINGS to see the better life.

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thanks alot. i really appreciate your kind words.
in future i really need your guidance.

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If you can live with the anxiety you can become free from it. This is a phase of change.
You must prove your mettle to see the better life. Nofap teaches us to face our sufferings without blowing our load. It makes us stronger from inside.

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I personally always looked for the reason for my problems, my anxieties, my depression and so on. They are caused by something. Either something in the past or something you do in the present.

I think, the deeper we understand our problems, the better can we solve them. For example, one can say that you have depression because of porn. But maybe you watch porn for relaxation but it won’t relax you anymore. So, your mind gets said, because you don’t give it the relaxation it wants. It goes farther why do you need relaxation? Maybe I apply too much pressure onto yourself. You are not satisfied by your accomplishments and so on. I think all our feelings are a complicated net. There is not one problem.
The more mindful we walk throughout our day, the better we can see what our body wants

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