How to prevent night falls

Hello everyone,
Please help different ways to avoid night falls. After completely abstaining from masturbation for about 2-3 weeks,I am bound to get night falls after every 3-4 days,it has become so predictable. The day on which I get night fall,I feel very lethargic, unmotivated, unable to remember things. Because of this only,I feel so much distressed that I decided to break my streak and fap once to discontinue having night fall for at least 10-12 days. I have broken my first streak on 46 days,second streak on 24 days,and now I’m on my 3rd attempt to achieve 90 days nofap challenge. I really don’t want to fall in victim of this night fall again. So I earnestly request you to help me to avoid night fall

Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


I’m sorry, but I really wanna ask you or someone in this forum. Why do you guys wanting to avoid night falls? I don’t get the point where you wanna avoid such natural phenomenon things that our body do. Isn’t it normal to have that kind of things happen in body? That’s mean my body is working perfectly fine. Mind clear me out?

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For people who want to retain their semen they can’t afford to have frequent nightfalls
Once or twice is cool but not all the time. So yeah

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Bro, it’s ok to have night fall when it is happening once a week or even more than that is fine if you are not feeling lethargic or unmotivated
Anything beyond that is something to concern about

I am having once per 3-4 days period as I said
So much concerned about

Yeah I read that.
That’s why I said

I see. Thanks for the explanation thou. I do think so that nightfall is normal, but not normal when we experienced it more than normal level. Thanks btw

Nightfalls have to reduce as the time passes (if you’re in process of beating the addiction)
To the point that they will never occur at all, which means that all of the semen is absorbed in the body.

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@nofapstar123 I think this was your problem
Would you help him?

@nofapstar123 did he face similar problems

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Of course bro,

Best method till now , it worked for me, i was having nightfall 4 times a week.
Follow these steps:

  1. before sleep, wash your feet with tapwater
    2.Then sit and dry your feet by using a towel.
  2. Massage your feet with mustard oil.
    Do it 10 mins before sleep.

How it prevents nightfall: the main reason for nightfall is excess body heat. By using this method all those excess heat gets releashed through your feet hence preventing night fall.

I hope it works!
All the best bro


Did you try massaging dialy before sleeping?
How long did you use to massage?

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Its been two months, i am doing it everyday so that i dont get nightfall. You should give it a try


Massage for 1 or 2 mins

For the last couple of days,I have been using your technique to prevent night falls,when I wake up in the morning,I feel intense pain in my ankles,why it has happening ,do you know ??

Idk bro, i never experience it.
I dont think it has anything to do about ankle pain

Lay on the back when you sleep,don’t fantasize during the day, wake up early in the morning like 4 am, don’t wear tight shorts

I think you are doing the massage too roughly.
Just make friction by rubbing your hands and nothing more than that bro

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Do you massage for 10 minutes or more than that ?

No you dont need to massage for 10 minutes. Massage for only 1-2 minutes bro. I told you to do this 10 min before sleep