How to meditate?

hi! i recently just started nofap and read abt how meditation can help remove urges and prevent relapse. may i know how do i do it? some basic meditation techniques will do. thanks!

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I use Lojong, but I do not know if it tme the English version.

Certainly meditation is something that has helped me a lot! I already have 803 minutes meditated according to Lojong: D

Pasting below an earlier response of mine to a very similar question:

For someone who hasn’t meditated at all before, I would recommend simple mindfulness meditation which involves focusing on your breath. You sit down comfortably, set your timer, and start observing your breath and how it feels in your nose and further inside without trying to control it. Your attention will invariably waver and you’ll start thinking about stuff rather than watching your breath - As soon as you realize that, you gently bring your focus back to your breath without being hard on yourself. That’s all there is to the practice.

In a sense, you learn to encounter the boredom that usually forces you to keep doing doing something to entertain yourself, and by learning that you get in touch with your own power.

If you have not meditated at all before, then I would recommend starting with as little as 10 minutes, making sure you meditate at the same time every day and not missing any day. When you have meditated regularly for a certain duration for a few days (e.g., a week), then increase the duration by five minutes. It is much more important to be regular and make the practice a central part of your life rather than trying to go for long durations to prove something to yourself. The mind is like a muscle and meditation is like any other exercise - It is important not to overexert yourself and to be methodical in your approach.

It will change your life.

I would also recommend checking out or as he has amazing ideas on practical, meaningful mindfulness/zen meditation, particularly for beginners.

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Just sit down & close your eyes.
Open your ears to the sounds around.
Focus your attention on yourself.
Watch your thoughts.
Dont react to anything.

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