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Bro I didn’t get it clearly. I’m poor to understand hindi :grin: sorry for that. Can you pls define that the difference between love and attachment.

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Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours (the person you love), parents try to hold a child forcefully because they like it, child might not, if they actually love the child they’d do that which actually makes the child happy, or which is right for the child, in case there’s a choice between what the child likes and what is right for the child, parents have to choose what is right for their child. That’s love.
So how does this apply to other situations, don’t be clingy, do what is right for the person you love. If you keep messaging her all the time that’s not good for her nor for you, it’s just over attachment not love. If she needs you she’ll herself approach you. Moreover don’t get sad if she gets sad, be atleast somewhat detached emotionally so that you can support her if she ever needs your help. So basic difference is to be clear in your choices, to know what is right for the other person, not doing what you like but doing what is right for both.
I hope you got an idea now :sweat_smile:

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Oh yea. Got it bro. Thank you very much :pray::full_moon_with_face:.
Love is better than attachment, isn’t it?

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Yeah obviously. Some people think they are in love by getting too attached but that’s not how it works.


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