How to know you are free from PMO?

People with 3 digit streaks have relapsed from time to time. Streak numbers do not tell that you are finally free of this habit.

So what are the checkpoints that guarantee your freedom? I know risk does not fall to 0%. But what makes the risk fall to 1%?

When can you celebrate the freedom from PMO?


thats a very tough and good question indeed, people may have different opinion about this,

but if you ask me, you realize you are free when you dont need this anymore. when you start focusing 100 percent! there is also possiblity that you forget that you were once addicted to this shit…


Your life takes 180% U-fucking-Turn; that is when you realise pmo is out of your life bro @NeverGiveup420 . I have had 100+ streak, 70+ streaks etc in the past. But I always went back to pmo. There was some hollow within me which must be filled with something that is useful, productive, loving or whatever.
You need to have something much more powerful- maybe your passion, your life, relationship. When pmo gets replaced with those things, that is when you realise you don’t need it anymore.
As days pass, craving may go down. Your neural pathways will weaken.
But remember this

As long as the inner hollow is not filled with meaningful things pmo won’t be conquered.

This is what I learnt from my own experience and from people who have conquered this addiction.
Like @josephvt . He was my classmate and one who had touched rock bottom in life due to this addiction

But now he has conquered this addiction. If you add him you can see his streak is now 250+ or 300 or something. Me, him @neo_150 @_TIGER etc had started this journey almost at the same time.
But @josephvt is the one who totally conquered this addiction once and for all.
His secret is, he replaced pmo 100% with his passion.
His life took a 180% U-turn!
This is what I believe bro @NeverGiveup420


Your words have profound meaning and sense. You are right. You forget PMO when you get something better.

And when you get something better you start focusing 100% on your new life.

Thanks @nofapstar123 and @Tagore for sharing your valueable opinion.


Interesting question : Heres my take

  • Nofap is something of cool trend these days. Its talked about like steroids. People expect amazing gains in short time. Like the above post said it, people need 180 degree change in their life.
  • Basically they want superhuman powers. But I will spit out plain truth. Nofap Wont give superpowers and maybe this is why some people relapse.
  • I relapsed last time because I wasn’t seeing any visible results. Also not everyone has an addiction to porn or masturbation.
  • Addicts when they give up, the benefits are staggering. It does turn their life upside down for good. They realise its whats destroying them. They just don’t feel like doing it bcuz its too much to lose. Thats why you hear so many addicts over coming masturbation. Its too much to lose they say to themselves
  • Coming to people like me, who have been doing it out of habit and not out of addiction. Its harder to see results and easier to relapse. Sometimes even I ask myself, “Im not addicted, I don’t crave porn”. But I choose to do one thing “Adopt an addicts strategy”. Always say its too much to lose. Fear going back tp day 0

But in conclusion. People mostly relapse due to urges or weakening in the later stages and not seeing enough benefits in the early stages

Also the day you stop counting days, thats when you know you have overcome the addiction


Streak won’t do a thing if addicts don’t work to improve their lives. The streak is only a number and many addicts don’t get it, they don’t really want to change and don’t gain the tools which they need - tools which will help them to get rid from the addiction, they live on with their lives doing nothing, and this poor sort of mindset soon takes the bite.

NoFap is a thing to make people better and we must give 100% hard work. Only our work will give us that sense of satisfaction which will replace PMO.


I also wanna put forward my viewpoint on this. I am currently at 35 day streak, But I have a feeling and that feeling is too damn great that I am free from this addiction now. I am enjoying my life and enormous gains without PMO, I am finding great pleasure in small small things. Even if I come across some triggering content I just take my eyes away and move on. So when you get this feeling from inside that you are free, then you are truely free.
I am confident that this 35 day streak number is gonna turn into 350 or even higher very soon.


A very good indication of freedom :+1:

True… Superpowers do not originate from noPMO. It comes from positive healthy habits like exercise, healthy diet, meditation etc

Best of luck for your journey of self mastery. You will achieve day 350 and beyond :fire:


These all habits are getting inbuilt in my routine because of more time and energy I have.

Thanks man! I know you will too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Awesome :fire::grinning::+1:

Yes… Thanks :grinning::+1:


Bro. I will tell you straight up what I discovered. Check inbox.


I am free! The did it.
The only checkpoint is in your mind.
I know it’s overconfident and arrogant, But…
Pmo just does not make me happy at all, never has and never will.

It is pure poison that destroys me, my heart and relationships.

(I’m not addicted to pmo as much as I’m addicted to punching myself in the face)

I think it’s great people want to work hard, meditate, build muscle etcetera - I’d never take that away from someone,… BUT it is NOT nopmo. But a healthy escape from it.
We should NOT use it as an excuse… “I should’ve meditated etcetera”

Rather than focusing on days we decided not to drink bleach or run into oncoming traffic, I personally think it is better to focus on “what good is it actually doing for me?”

Sex, dopamine, oxytocin bind us to the thing that facilities them.
Why would I want to make my potential partner compete with an imaginary online brothel?
It’s absolutely madness.

Pmo does not fill a void - It creates one.

Has pmo ever brought me happiness, peace, love? No.
I thought it relaxed me for all the years, but it has done the exact opposite - stress, anxiety, low self worth, paranoia, insecurities that destroy relations.
I’ve believed for soooooo long, I’m ugly, a villain, completely unworthy of receiving love from a lady.
I’ve believed any kindness and love, is just pity and that of a friend - not someone who would actually want or have any faith, trust, hope and desire for me.

And I’ve been so wrong about that :pray:

I do appreciate this app, and love the companions most of all.

Counting days can be helpful and motivating, but people begrudgingly give up smoking for a month - suffering, standing near smokers just to get a whiff of tobacco.

If we’re still checking out girl’s asses, getting dopamine spikes from some Insta babe, or whatever… We are still keeping that neural pathway open.



Everyday that you don’t PMO is a day to celebrate. Remember, there is no end to this journey.

Stay Clean, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:


Wow… You are absolutely right about this. Brother, you have written some of the most amazing words i have read. The philosophy behind your reply is absolutely based on truth.

The easy peasy way book has helped many people. It is also my reason for a long streak (compared to my record) and it has been my greatest tool and last line of defence.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint on this.

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This put a smile on my face :grin:. We should celebrate everyday without PMO as a victory.
We dont have to wait to reach a certain number of days to be happy.
Thanks brother @Nick9


I am free! The did it.
The only checkpoint is in your mind.
I know it’s overconfident and arrogant.
Pmo just does not make me happy at all, never has and never will. It is pure poison that destroys me, my heart and relationships.

You kind of summed up the point which I’ve made about being honest on giving up this addiction.
“Streak won’t do a thing if addicts don’t work to improve their lives. The streak is only a number.”
I need to say that your statement in which you said that trying to build new habits is not NoPmo is kind of complicated, but maybe you meant that building habits which we truly feel would help us that’s true wisdom and about doing the right thing.
To stay true about this journay, otherwise just fulfilling all those tasks would not be that different from PMO - it would be shallow just like PMO, we will think that we are being filled with light, but the darkness will remain, those rituals won’t stay true to our inner vision.

And about the book, if you say that it helped you, i’m gonne give to this book a try. I can see that you’re not lying.
You were right about PMO though, it’s destroying lives because a lie simply cannot live. Man is not another type of animal and he can sense the bullshit, something inside of us keeps talling that PMO is very wrong, call it an instinct or a wake up call.

PMO is anti nature and thus it is against human nature, it is just another type of drug just like Alcohol. A system for slaves whom know not they are slaves.


:pray::sweat_smile:Thanks - sorry I didn’t read any comments, bit arrogant, but I felt compelled to reply. :pray:


Thankyou very much @NFMan brother. Im writing the following post based on your idea. Thanks again



Streak is just the number of days. It tells your past. Not your future. Your quality of the day tells how much fuel you have left to go further. For example you are on day 7 and If its a good day, Then for a relapse, Your quality has to decrease gradually from 100 to 90 then 80 and so on. This will take time for a relapse and you will reach day 15 or 20.
You have 8 to 13 days left in relapse. But for example you are on day 250 but the quality level is 30. Then after 2 to 3 days, you will relapse. So day 7 is better than day 250.( just a specific type of comparison. I know day 7 person has to face stronger urges and monsters). It does not matter for how long a plane is flying. If it is near ground, it will crash. Time does not decide the fate. The position and height decides the fate.

Also, the quality of the thought process is more important than the quality of your daily routine.

People WITHOUT meditation and exercise and good diet CAN QUIT if they have a good quality thought process. But PEOPLE WITH EXCELLENT DALY ROUTINE, WITH MEDITATION AND EXERCISE CANNOT QUIT IF THEIR THOUGHT PROCESS IS LOW QUALITY. If they think they are missing out on PMO, if they think PMO can reduce their stress and relax them, if they think how lucky the PMOers are, THEY CANNOT SUCCESSFULLY QUIT!!!.

Improve the quality. Focus on your level, not on your streak. If you keep getting triggered by the same picture on day 250 that triggered you on day 7, you are on the same level.

For improving your quality of thought process and becoming super strong mentally, READ THE EASY PEASY WAY BOOK. It will destroy the attraction of PMO for you and you will see PMO as disgusting, foul tasting and vomit producing shit.

Best of luck for your journey of self mastery.


When you even stop thinking about No**p.

And there is no struggle left in practicing brahmacharya.

I think then you are free in true sense.


Oh man I needed this. I am having the same mentality because of reading easy peasy. But when I posted my viewpoint I felt like I am sounding overconfident :sweat_smile:. But yes easy peasy makes our mentality this way.