How to increase timing in bed?

Completed 60 days
But how can I increase timing in bed?
Like when I used to do PMO I was able to release within 3-4mins
But as I m on no fap everytime I relapsed I always released within 1min
Is no fap killing my timing??
Cuz after a relapse in a single day my D gets up within 3-4mins again and for that second time I can hold but why first time it releases very fastly.
And suggest me tips to improve my sperm quality.

Wait I’m confused. You said you were on day 60. But you also said you were relapsing. What do you mean? Like are you edging and stopping it from releasing? That’s not NoFap dawg.

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Buddy I am saying that I completed 60 days now
I was mentioning my past relapses that whenever in my previous streaks i relapsed it was like within 10 seconds
That is my problem

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That means you are not last in bed… 10 seconds is your timing with yourself. It will change when you are having sex.

I’ll speak i metaphors so that I don’t get banned.
sex is not about going down town first and ride till you can’t no more. You’ll have to pre heat the oven first. And pre heat it till it melts before you go for the horse ride. Don’t just use you main weapon. Use you hands and face also. Use them to pre heat the oven . As much as possible. Then use the weapon and get on that horse ride


That’s right

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Wow buddy just wow wowww

Men of culture, we meet again :joy: :unicorn:

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