How to handle urge to jerk

How to deal with strong urge to masturbate ?
I have personally never been able to maintain a streak over 10 days. After that I feel OK to masturbate just to relief the burden my testicles are carrying. Sounds funny ?? But I feel deep relief after I jerk off after a long time,is that ok ?
I regret after doing it
I need your advices and guidance on how to get yourself stopped from doing these shits


That’s the million dollar question we are all trying to figure out here. Everyone is trying different techniques and some find this or that helpful, there’s no one single solution to this problem.

In case you are quite new to nofap, I’d recommend reading a bit and findout out more about this situation. Good starting points are e.g. or

There are of course plenty of other sources. Just start somewhere and learn a bit about yourself on this journey.


@Bashi thanks for sharing the books
I will definitely go through it

This urge is because you don’t have a clue about what to do with this new energy in your body. You have trained your body to use PMO to dissipate this energy. So you’re problem is not being horny but an inefficient way of using this stored up 10 day energy. You can try

  1. Lifting
  2. Running
  3. Meditation
  4. Cold shower

The best thing to do is to devote an hour getting rid of the urge. Remind yourself that this 1 hr will save your investment of the last 10 days.

There are great techniques to retain semen, but that is one’s own path to discover and follow.