How to get through the night

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask the general community if there is anyone with the same weakness I have, and if so, is there a strategy to help overcome this problem.

I can cut out porn reasonably well, and I can stop fapping during the day pretty well too, but the problems for me comes at night. Whenever I try to sleep, the urges overwhelm me. For some reason it’s late at night and super early in the morning, when I have the hardest time controlling myself. Anyone else experience this? Is there a strategy I can adopt to help with urges while I’m half awake? Thanks for reading

I know this might be an impossible question. Believe me, it’s been getting the best of me for years! I need to start sleeping on my back, but easier said than done. I’ve been a stomach sleeper my whole life. I can’t think of anything else I can do…

@PhilKenSebben, for me, being in the bed is the worst thing ever!
So what works for me at night before sleeping is:

  1. keep your bedroom electronics-free
  2. keep yourself occupied by reading a book until you are so tired that you just fall asleep

As for the morning, this still is an issue for me, but one thing that I’m trying to do is to have a fixed morning routine:

  1. to always wake up at a certain time and then ARISE immediately!
  2. do morning exercises: stretches, pushups, abs
  3. maybe a quick meditation/praying session can help then
  4. breakfast
    don’t be at home alone! I notice about myself and others that the danger is being alone, since that is when you most likely relapse. So go out of the house when you’re alone as to avoid the urge completely.

Best of luck!


Well best way to deal with this is to start exercising…take up some rigorous cardio or weight training regiment…it has doubled benefits…it helps to vent out all our extra energy in a constructive way and since your body needs to recover you would get a sound sleep…


Solid advice. I think the part about living around/being around other people is going to be key. That makes a lot of sense to me, and I hadn’t thought of that yet, so thanks.

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Do you use a gym membership? Thinking about getting one. Just trying to find a 24/hour gym that doesn’t do 3rd party contracts. I hate that crap. Been burned before

If you have planet fitness in your area you can try there. At least at mine it’s 24/5 on weekdays and 7-7 on weekends. It’s a year commitment but plans range from 10-30 dollars a month.

I would recommend finding a cross fit gym. Regular gyms don’t motivate me as much because I personally prefer a group setting. And 100% of the time, once I finish a workout (wod), I have much more ability to channel my sexual energies (sexual transmutation successful). I would attribute this to my success in nofap. But to each their own