How to get rid of the frustration instantly

My highest streak is 9 days. Last night I relapsed. When I feel upset,my mind strongly want to see porn or read some erotic stories which leads me to relapse. But I want to break this cycle. I want some strategies to get rid of frustration instantly. Please help me… Thanks in advance… And have a nice day with nofap.

The way to go is to find out why you felt upset in the first place. We don’t watch porn when we feel amazing. There would be no reason for our brain to search the dopamine if you already are happy.
Typically the trigger starts with an uncomfortable feeling. From there, your brain reacts with an urge for porn to feel better.

For me, the priority is not on handle the urges but the uncomfortable feeling in the beginning.

Why did you feel upset? you have to dig deep, find the reason and do something about it. There is no instant solution


You could just listen to motivating songs if you want to get rid of the frusterations from relapses

You can use my strategy

I keep this in my mind & it helps me alot