How to get rid of sexual thoughts? Pls share your views

Brothers, it’s a high time we men put brakes on sexual thoughts leading to arousal.
Am on day 97 but since last few days am getting loads of sexual thoughts and thus arousal which i beleive somehow it drains your life force…The pre-■■■ or pre ejaculatory clear fluid that comes after erection might contain vital nutrients and life energy too… Frequent arousal and pre-■■■ flow may most likely bring our life force down.
We have great examples like Mike Tyson, Khabib Normagomadev and other fighters who not only retained but ensured to stay away from triggers that can lead to arousal thus saving loads of sexual energy
Brothers pls share your views and points in this open forum to discuss as how to stop sexual thoughts and arousal on Nofap or semen retention.


Same happens with ne around day 100 everyrime I’ve reached that mark :sweat_smile:, and I never went much further, 134 was my highest, I guess people who crossed a significant number of days will know better.
@_TIGER might have some suggestions here.


The goal is not to kill these sexual thoughts or energy but to transform this energy , to utilise it to fulfill our dreams. What I have found is that when I had critical situations like do or die situations , like one time when I had covid I completely forgot about all this nonsense even after getting well I was away from it and focusing in building my strength back. But then after 7 months almost firstly I got starting using my mobile more and then suddenly one day thought of watching some animation , the urge was very strong and took it casually that it doesnt matter much and then we know what happend next… everytime my long streak has ended like this only , so what I have obeserved is that furst wrek is hardest then after 2nd week ince our routine builts momentum builts we are good to go , then after being busy we need to be careful after reaching higher streaks like 90 days or 100 days… it seems like we have won it and one peek or casually looking may not do harm but we need to be careful and always remember why we started it.

So best way is to do something else transform that energy into something productive , also i listened on youtube to osho he told three imprtant points to be less lustful:

  1. Be in present moment live it fully neither in past nor in future, for example: if listening to something listen to that only , if eating then whole focus on eating.

  2. Be creative do creative activites, this we do not for outcome but for enjoying process, eg. Children are pure because they are more creative they play they enjoy they take life as a game the less serious you are the more safe you are from these thoughts.

  3. Take time for yourself in a day where you see within , you hear within, you feel within , you hear within, basically you are closing external doors of organs from outer world and turning those senses inwards. Eg. Closing eyes and trying to see images that come to your mind.

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Same happens with me . So we have to practice only again and again. When you will reach at a particular number then do more exercise or more meditation.


If you’rw not into meditation yet, I totally recommend it. There you learn to not fight against your thoughts, but to let them come and go, without fighting. The more you fight to get rid of them, the more difficult it is. Once you get used to meditation, you will get the ability to let go those Junk thoughts. Meditation is not easy, bit with practice, you can control it. I recommend using the medito App. I’m using it, and have helped me a lot to control what I think.

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Avoid being in vulnerable state eg bored and alone.
When sexual thought comes, just take a deep breath and think about something else. Distract yourself. It works wonders.

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