How to disable FB reels?

Guys I do wanna ask you one thing if you know kindly let me know.
I don’t use Instagram at all. But due to some reasons,I can’t stop using Facebook. The problem is that these days Facebook are showing erotic reels. I don’t follow any female celebrities but still I don’t know why Facebook is showing all these shits. It can be tempting sometimes. The entire world is relying on sexual stuffs to gain attention.


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Just uninstall fb dude, why keep something so risky. I also stopped using fb just few days back and honestly I don’t feel there’s any need for it :sweat_smile:.


I stopped using FB long ago… it’s too much time consuming. I only use insta now. Quitting FB was best decision for me.

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I salute you for using stupid Instagram :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Big Tech companies like google and facebook have the ability to track whatever you do on their platforms… even in incognito mode… They then sell your information to advertisers in order to target their advertising to match your personal tastes… Either that or they do it themselves… which could be why you are being confronted with these provocative images… You should use this as a wakeup call.

Both to how these companies are spying on you… and for you to find better tastes!


So you mean I have intentionally searched for this shit which is why Facebook is showing me these reels

Everyone collects data… I fucking search something on flipkart and it shows up on chrome as ads… All the mfs steal and share your data click baiting you.

Uninstall shopping apps. Coming to social media stop using everything. Atleast for few days


What’s mfs? I don’t know

All of the tech giants… Facebook, Google, Amazon… Go try it… Search something on amazon and it will popo right when u. Google something as pop up ad

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Yep exactly. Not very HELPFUL when you are trying to quit porn. But of course only an idiot would try to reason with a robot…

One day even the big CEOs will lose control. Then the world will be doomed. But at least you would not have coomed…Am I right? If not then MAKE me right. You can’t change the past but you surely can change the future.

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Yes bro I can understand your point

Well that’s called FAANG

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