How to deal with urges at night

Hi guys,

I had a very heavy urge at night Surprisingly after I had an excellent streak and i was doing well with quiting pmo.

at first I hardly resisted it and went to sleep, after two hours I got up out of control and i relapsed unfortunately.

How to prevent these kind of fails?

Thanks in advance.



There is only one way… no other way…

Whenever you go to your room No use of phones(or any devices :x:), just go to bed directly, if you don’t feel sleepy try reading physical book(completely ignore your devices)…
Try to sleep early than usual… Like 10pm or 11pm.


I was in similar situation when I had smaller streak ( less than 1 week). At that time,in order to feel exhausted,I used to jog everyday for 30 minutes. Also before going to sleep, refrain from using any social media app for at least 2 hours before the sleep. From my past experiences,I have observed browsing social media and internet unnecessarily is the root cause for urges during night…

Don’t think about sex at all. Think it as just as simple as any other physical activity, nothing to get serious about. Now you have tricked your mind into thinking there’s nothing in sex


Bro… You did not need to do anything special or extra to avoid a relapse at night… It’s very simple and obvious… Relapses usually occurs at night when you’re alone or completely free and far from discomfort. If you feel like an urge, and you’re not in mood of doing anything… Just pick up your cellphone and put your headphones/earphones and listen to your favourite song… if it won’t work… simply open any app which is unproductive and makes you feel comfortable and avoidable from all sorts of distraction… Like when i feel an urge… I open Free Fire and play atleast for 30min… after that I go and wash my face and feel myself completely relaxed… with no urges or in mood of doing anything like that… and sleep deeply thinking all the benefits of it and how far I am from my hectic life… So just relax and enjoy this journey Incase of any doubt or issue… tag me here… I’ll help you out with it… be strong & be happy…

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