How to deal with this?

I had a night pollution 2 days ago and now I feel like I want to masturbate yes or yes. I can’t take it out of my head, I’m on a 14 days streak and I’m keeping it going but gosh… When will the urges go???

I feel quite lonely about this, like… I’m not trying to get in a relationship or anything (I’m trying to quit masturbation for “moral” reasons) but sometimes, like right now, I feel empty inside…
My code is 4c1f13

My bro this streak of yours took you half a month ask yourself u really want to waste 15 days in like what 5 minutes? Its never worth it and iam telling you this this is a test if you pass it then u are ready for longer streaks so its never worth it and i hope you read this and think of whats right


You’re right, I almost started edging but I think I’m going to have a nap. I just feel so powerless since the night pollution… I was so full of energy and now I’m tired all the time

A nap always helps when u wake up make a drink and watch tv or youtube on self development the important things is remember your hard work

In my opinion, with some effort you can still resist. In this kind of situation mindset can change the way we react. At the end I think that every sexual tension that you are feeling can be fade away simply focusing on other things. If you think at not masturbating, probably you will do it. The fact is that in this hard times of tentation we build our resiliance,
Anyway in the worst scenario, one “relapse” is not a tragedy. You have accumulated energy for 15 days, one “relapse” won’t delete all your progress.
Hope the better for you.
You can do it.

On the end I relapsed but you’re right… It was fast and didn’t feel too much…
At least it was without porn which is a great step.

My brother Winning over urges builds discipiline.
Discipline will build self control.
Control over your body.
And once you have that control you can build good habits leaving bad ones.
Then you become invincible and success will be yours.
Think of it and dont Orgasm.
Dont fall in this vicious CIRCLE.

Preach those wise words brother