How to deal with this strong urge?

Hi guys,
I have this very strange and crippy addiction which is that I am addicted to masturbating while looking at women secretly. As of now I have jerked off to more than dozen of women while secretly looking at them. There is neighborhood aunty to whom I am so sexually addicted that whenever I get to chance to peek at her,I don’t let that opportunity to pass on. Like for example there is a washroom in our terrace, from where I can watch her whenever she comes on her terrace for drying her clothes or hair. This winter was super erotic for me. She usually comes at her terrace for basking her body in sunshine :sun_with_face: and also to dry her wet hair. I am literally so addicted to her long hair. The way she fiddles her hair back and forth which exposes her neck and back area is something I couldn’t able to resist at any cost. The only way to release sexual tension is to jerk off to her while watching her. Now the fact is that I am not addicted to PMO . I JUST FEEL DISGUSTING TO WATCH PORN. I am addicted to that neighborhood aunty… Infact I am so much addicted that I even miss her whenever I’m out of my town… What shall I do now ? Please help me with your advise :pleading_face:

I know this is super creepy and I can’t tell it to anyone,so I am asking here



Bro you are not watching porn this is very good… But at first you should think about your any goal. Now you are aimless I am 100% sure. Because when we are free in mind we will think to do this.

  1. make a proper routinee for your day. Try to do this.
  2. do 30 mint daily meditation. You can’t see sudden result but after 15 days you can control your mind.
  3. when she cames to terrace, you know the perfect time, make a very important task in that time. Otherwise go to your friends home. Do this method for 15 days.
  4. do hard exercise in the morning.
  5. and think she is like our parents,is it true to do this type of work??

Bro I kinda get what you are saying, but neat time just come straight to the point ok… Half of your story sounds like a plot of a savita Bhabhi comic. You could have just said, “I am addicted to jacking off to my neighbor aunty when she comes on top to the terrace. And I don’t watch porn. Please help…”

Anyway, I do have some questions, how come you are on the terrace whenever she is there? Do you stalk her or something? You know what? Iv heard this story before! You have asked this before as well. You were supposed to go to another place for work or something right? What happened to that?





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Yes bro,plz help me. I want to have sex badly with her

Bro I think we are here just to get rid of pmo by helping each other. Not to teach to have sex with aunties.


I will say, if she’s married (and even if she’s not to some degree), you seriously need to look at yourself and understand what you want is not ok by any standards. I think the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself and tell yourself no matter how much you want it, it will never happen. And choose to live your life as if that is a fact of life.
Move on, any sort of relationship you would make with her will end up with you in pain, so cut the ties now.


Yeah man ,I thought I was reading sex story, that’s not a good thing for us nofappers. Our mind catches these things .

This road will not lead to purity bro…for sure​:grin::joy:

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Lmao bro ,I think this is more dangerous than porn addiction. Never saw someone so obsessed with aunties.(and you are even jacking off to her.) My advice to you is that get some work ,go to college or school. Or go to library. Do something in life. Study. Make a workout routine, focus on girls rather than aunties. Try to get a girlfriend, go out . In evening you can go to parks and exercise there or talk and meet your friends. In short Get a life bro, get a goal to do something. When we are free this is what happens. Get out of your COMFORT ZONE. I think that’s enough :wink::laughing::joy:


Lmfao bro :rofl: if u want to have sex with her ,than go approach her , don’t masturbate like a LOSER.

Great advice my friend


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