How to control urges

I just want some tips on how to control urge
At every time I fail to control and i relapse
Help me plzz

Do not fight, just feel the desire, it will pass in a few minutes and you can move on with your day.

The real fight lasts only milliseconds, during that time you will need to be strong and say no, but don’t fight, just let it go.

This will only work if you are not stimulating yourself with any NSFW content, otherwise none of this will help. If you look for pornography while feeling urges, you are kidding yourself, be disciplined.


As soon as you feel an urge get up and do something productive or go talk to someone.
Take a walk or a cold shower


Stop breath for 15 seconds. Or
Move within 5 seconds of feeling the urge.


Change the feeling you have about PMO,everytime you feel an urge you make 10 push-ups.Your brain will automatically associate PMO with pain.