How to control those lusty thoughts?

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Where am l you say. Sorry l wasn’t there because l have no answer for you sorry. I’m battling with this as well and getting advice from others as well. Lol l am a Work In Progress person. Anyways hope you get all the support and answers you need and stay STRONG

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I know a lot has already been said but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to to add my opinion
I think that it is healthy for any straight male to lust after women they find attractive, but it’s important to remember this is your natural male instincts trying to get you to mate. You have to look past this and think about what you actually want out of a relationship before asking girls out.
The thing I will say about wanting to ask out almost every girl you meet is that you should try talking to more girls, not looking for future partners, but instead of avoiding them which will just increase how much you lust after them next time you see them, try to make friends with as many as possible, of course don’t not make male friends, they are both equally important. If you get to the point where you can naturally talk to any girl without thinking automatically as a future partner, then you could probably start thinking about dating.
You can go about this however you wanted to. But the way I went about it is I started going to partner dancing class (this was before covid). I had to dance with a bunch of different women who were all attractive but weren’t looking for a boyfriend, I had to talk to them and then be comfortable enough with me to dance with me and that made me think very hard about how I approached talking to them (having to tell the instructor we couldn’t dance because the girl wasn’t comfortable with me woukd be embarrassing) and after getting used to this I became comfortable enough about women that I could have a normal conversation.
I’m not currently dating anyone but when I do find someone I think of as a future partner I’m confident I could talk to them normally and make sure they’re comfortable with me before asking them out, and of course be courteous and respectful about their answer.


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