How to control myself after getting a urge

Today I am urged to watch ■■■■ and i go to Chrome to watch ■■■■ but their was a app installed yesterday that is blocker x . Because of that app i can not get the ■■■■ videos, and here my urges not stops it goes such that I take my friends laptop to watch ■■■■ but thete was also something, and because i that I can not watch the ■■■■. Today I relapsd if there was not app installed in my mobile. Thanks a lot to god to protect me today from pornography and masterbation

Thanks a lot to the god who helps me at every time of my life- my parents


Trick for Lonely Nights : If you are a religious, chant God’s Name , Verses of Any holy scriptures from your religion. Chant powerful verses until the urges stops. Chant with faith. It really works. Faith is needed. Chant verses till sleep comes or till urge vanishes. Chant any time when urge comes.

If you are non-religious , chant I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you until urge vanishes. Chant with faith. You may chant it 24×7 to avoid overthinking.

Try Wim Hof breathing, Bhastrika, Meditation

Try fasting for one day

Keep yourself busy in different activities

Do some charitable activities like donating extra clothes to poors, remaining foods to your pet animals if any. Contribute your ideas and tips in this forum.

Play outdoor games