How to control deep sexual desires

I’ve been going strong for 50 days now! The longest in a long time. Last week was spring break for my college and I went home. I was being lazy for most of it and experienced urges like crazy. I came back and they hit me harder than ever last night when I was with my fiance. I wanted to touch her sexually. My question is how do you guys control those urges? Are we safe to be alone with someone of the opposite sex and if not, how can be because eventually we’ll need and want to be alone with that special someone. Please leave your comments.


Hi, I’m a bit confused. You have a fiancé, which means she’ll be your wife sometime soon ( I guess), and I’m sure that showing her sexual affection when she becomes your wife is a good thing. Please correct me if I’m mistaken. Peace

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I didn’t get it too…
For me problem is the unnatural, forced abuse of dopamine generation and due to PMO.

To feel aroused for your woman is totally natural and healthy. IMO… But each one has his own goals on noFap

@sensh1nseeker are doing normal or hard Mode? What I understood is that sexual affection leads to masturbate or having sex, and it’s completely normal to want to avoid it. You could try to talk with your fiancee about your problem and she could understand you and help you to avoid this sexual contact.