How to change profile picture?

I have been looking for this but I am not able to find the solution. If someone could tell me how to change my profile picture, either through mobile or through the desktop site, I’ll be grateful.

When on your computer:

  • Click on your profile picture (the circle in the top right)
  • Click on ‘preferences’ (the gear symbol)
  • Now you’ll see a bunch of tabs on the left (“Account” , “Profile” , “Emails” etc). You have to go to “Account”.
  • Scroll down and you will see the option to change your profile picture

Probably works the same for mobile btw


@Taher I was unable to add my display picture via the app on my phone, the app was unable to access my files. I had to choose the ‘open in browser option’ to upload the picture. Using a oneplus 3t

Yeah same here. Had to open in desktop mode and access the site in a browser.

Yes I’m aware, profile change doesn’t work on the app.