How to break off the repititive cycle of pmo?

This is a general discussion on how the pmo habit puts you in the repetitive cycle of addiction, no matter how much the streak one glance, wet dream or the urge often triggers the reset and relapse, so i invite you to share your experiences and how you deal with it.

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You break off the repetitive cycle of PMO.


Bro you’re considering PMO a ‘repetitive cycle’ when in reality it’s not a normal cycle people are supposed to go through. Stop treating it like you’ll no Fap then fall back into ‘the old cycle’. Break the chain bro :slight_smile:
I don’t even think about it as a cycle. Its an unfortunate event that happens due to my lack of discipline and self control. Its not a cycle in the sense that you should keep repeating it. Beat the first 5 days and you’ll feel that you’re out of the cycle.


@Ash_Matt I think a cycle @J0KER is referring to here goes like this.
Lots of us have addictions because we try to numb the pain of life with them. (Loneliness, anger, boredome, low self esteem…)
The addiction feels good for a second, but:
Giving in to addiction makes us feel even worse.
And feeling down leads us back to numbing pain.
That is the cycle.

How to break the cycle?
There is no silver bullet.
Stop watching pornography. Stop masturbating.
Learn to handle the difficulty of life in healthy ways. It’s a process. Rewiring your brain is a journey.


Absolutely agree with you bro @keepFighting
On any given day when we are feeling stressed or have had a bad day , the brain wants us to make us happier and by consuming pornography throughout the years it becomes easy for the brain to default to this habit and not some healthier ones liek running …

We give in to this temptation and instead of making us good …it makes us feel guilty ashamed depressed etc …so again to cope with these feelings we consume more and more pornography

This is the vicious cycle . I have experienced it personally

How to break free? … well I don’t think there is a one solution for everyone…
But for me what worked was to constantly remind myself that pornography was not good , it’s not enjoyable etc many times in a day …and ultimately when you have a craving you are not attarcted to this habit as much as you used to be … Well that’s what currently is working for me :sweat_smile:
Any thoughts are appreciated


Obviously, this cycle is very vicious for person who is struggling on nofap in the begining, suppose a nofapper on a good amt on streak days with almost rewiring brain accidently come across certain images on billboard or ads or movies or public places, he feels good and different cause he was abstaining it for a long time and due to this he falls in the same trap for what dopamine blast in the brain which is rewiring.


Yep I agree @keepFighting
But the idea was to stop treating it like a cycle. Then your subconscious mind would feel it so.
There is no one in the world who doesn’t have bad days and wants to give up. God is not partial.
Everyone has bad days, but only few continue with integrity.


I see. I read your post wrong

I thought you meant that it’s not a cycle at all.

Well, in that case, how to stop treating it like a cycle…
Personally I think the best thing to do is actually to keep a cycle. Just a different one. A cycle up.
Find something positive that helps you feel better, like working out. After that you will be more positive and feel better. Use that motivation and encouragement to then do something else good.

This is just my opinion but I think that cycles are inevitable. It just depends on what kind of cycle you are currently going through, and more importantly, ARE YOU GOING THROUGH THE CYCLE or IS THE CYCLE FORCING YOU TO GO THROUGH IT? Is the direction of the spiral going up or down?


The answer is Urge Surfing. Research about It.

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