How to break a cycle

Longest streak was 28 days and now like I said I can barely get past four, been trying to figure out when I feel the need and its mostly when I lay in bed for an extra hour if I’m in no rush or staying up late. I’ve always had a problem falling asleep so trying to break that cycle seems so difficult… P.s sorry if you saw this on the message board I always confuse the forum and message board


@Perhaps Why do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you have alot to think about when you are in bed?

I write every evening before bedtime which I find to be helpful.


I had a habit of falling asleep to YouTube. And for me the real problem was that yeah I couldn’t turn my thoughts off. Meditation is a miracle in any shape or form, you can try to stop following your thoughts wherever they want to go and focus on your body sensations (your breath, how your pillow and sheets feel). The power of Now is an awesome book that changed my life(if you search it on YouTube there is tons of videos) Hope it helps you some in your struggle.


Without a reason you can’t break this cycle. Use your why as your fuel.


Guyz I have completed 19 dayz without fapping n watching porn but I got 2 night falls in 19 dayz once per week I guess. Want to knw tht I have to restart my streak again plz reply guyz need ur help

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use the search function for nightfall.
we discuss that topic about twice a week


thnx bro love u found d ans