How to block adult material

When I first started here I had no idea how to block porn from the computer or my phone, so this is my advise to my fellow brothers.

First and foremost, get k9 web protection it is free and very good.
Get a licence, download it and install it. Use random numbers and letters and copy them as your password.
Now the computer is secure. The problem with this is that it is still possible to get a temporary password sent to your email address.
Second, get Cold Turkey
Use this app to block the administrator page of k9 and set a timelock on it for example 30 days.
That way you won’t be able to bypass the k9 web blocker.

There will still be pages that you will need to block manually, use cold turkey to do this, for example, reddit, duckduckgo and Twitter.


U can block your router also. Just follow the instructions on
This blocks the whole router, it is not to hard to circumvent though.

Phone (android)
Here I haven’t found a great solution that works and is free.
But start with installing kaspersky (find it on play store or its free and works okey, but it’s easy to circumvent. It helps though.
They I use an app called Stay focused, with this app, I block play store, and the web browsers. This is a time blocker. You set a time, for instance 15 days, and during those days you can’t use the apps you have chosen.
This app is great and would recommend it, it’s not free though. Use it with the app Spin,
Spin is a safe web browser.

Peace and respect to you all :pray:


You can block porn either on Pc and Android via hosts file.



But pornaway needs root

That app is worth rooting your device

Otherwise for non root users,you can delete all other browsers and install spin browser
It blocks all websites with sexual content

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