How to beat the chaser effect?I am stuck!

Guys I am constantly relapsing!
Please help😭


Steady bro.

Quick tip:
We are most vulnerable when we are in the state of H.A.L.T.

H: Hungry
A: Angry
L: Lonely
T: Tired

Stay away from temptation when you are in any of the 4 states…

Bless you bro!


Get extremely busy for 10 days


Just don’t stop or rest for 10 days bro. Keep moving and grinding. Don’t even stop to sit down. I got stuck in chaser too recently. Let’s get back out together.


Shutdown mode …for 10 days…
In this 10 days you should do more meditation and exercise…


It looks like I have to tire myself out so that I have no energy left to even think of it for several days…To get out of this rut…
I am ready to do this!
Anything to quit PMO!!


My extreme techinque was to literally plan every minute of my day so there was no rest. Not until my mind stops playing tricks on me. I was working for 10 hours, training for 3, reading, studying, programming… And I had MAD urges until 25th day and now at my 43th day I can manage my schedule more freely, take some time off, maybe two hours per week for a movie or something. And I don’t have urges. At least not to that extent. They’re there, I just accepted that they are going to be there and all I can do is not to act on it. Meditation helps.

At the end of the day it’s decision. Once you say “That’s it.” and you believe it with your soul, then you’ll go through any kind of urge.


Well, just wanted to make it clears that fasting actually helps in nofap. You can add “Depression/stressed”. Depression is a major cause of PMO, and have the potential of getting stuck in a vicious cycle of PMO ing.

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Do yoga and meditation for 30 mins daily till chaser is gone. Avoid extreme cardio or weight lifting as it may trigger relapse in your case. Read why not to masturbate by David baldwin. Eat good healthy nutritious food. Switch to a basic phone. Don’t use smart phone or internet for some time till urges get under control. Play some sport outside. Spend some time with nature. Apply some or all of the suggestions above. It will help you.


Hey, my last relaps had some serious chaser effect to it and I got close many times. If, like me, you can’t manage the Gung ho constantly fill your life and don’t leave a moment to rest, which to be honest would be amazing it I could do it, there are some other options to keep your stress levels down and help you stay away from porn. One of them, although hard now, is going into public when the urge hits. Go for a walk, even a short one, to calm yourself down and put you in a situation where PMO is nearly impossible (at least without extreme pu lic embarrassment). Another one that works really well for me is reading. Pick up a book, any book, and just read it. You don’t need to study it or really even enjoy it. Reading just forces your brain to think about the words and it doesn’t give your brain space to think about other things. These are just ones that help me and I hope can help you too. Stay strong and good luck

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If you are living in your comfort zone lets say your bedroom is the place where you jerk then Get out from there or just change your room. Or go to somewhere else where some people are present. It will help you no to jerk off in their presence. I used to masturbate a lot in my bedroom So what i did is for 3 4 days I started living at my friends flat. And this really helped me to stop the masturbation . I have came back home and Im at day 10 without fap.


change your environment as other people are saying give away your phone and try out some thing new. A new hobby and get out of the comfort zone talk with friends and family if nothing then help out family members and divert your self from pmo…Stay away from your triggers, you can write a diary -extremely useful

Give your self a new hope. Start from zero level.


Yeah, I almost fell again after my recent relapse on day 138. The thing is I manage to counter this with a slight change in thought. Throughout the day kept thinking about doing it again, but kept myself busy. But when the time came to shower man I was scared and unsure of myself. But I had a great shower.

All I did was I showerd fearless cool calm and collected and changed the mood of being afraid to relapse and to think about relapse to have a rock concert in the shower by singing my Rammstein songs. Not too loud only so I could hear myself almost like having to talk with yourself. Since I am learning german this was a challenge for me as I focused on the sentence construction and how the song goes on next.

It felt not only good it was amazing and after that all the nervous energy and thoughts and even thoughts of a relapse was non existent.
Add a element of fun to your day or habits or task and when in doubt amp up your music skills or knowledge. To change the mood! Do stuff you like and also apply the basics.

No touch, no thought and don’t look(watch) when horney.

Even if it means shower a bit longer or singing louder whatever helps.

Apply the rule only to touch when necessary like re-adjustment, pee or washing. It will avoid making urges and also will brake the habit of edging since you only allow yourself to touch in 3 conditions. Try when touching not to jelq after a pee or apply rubbing motions and also wash for a brief moment like less than a min tops. And i found by washing from the base upwards to make the penis less sensitive then the head down wards. (Which kinda makes sense as the head has a ton of nerves in and is very sensitive) so it is to wash the head lastly to feel less horney and avoid an urge froming later as well as not to initialize a masterbation stroke that could trigger you.

In addition occupy your hands too should you be in a spot like being bored. Roll your thumbs or squeeze a stress ball. It doesn’t really matter aslong as they stay away from your member.

When horney try to calm yourself down and shift your thoughts to something different be it your hobby or even your favourite songs. Why I mentioned favourite is because you think about them first most of the times. If possible use Spotify to hear podcast and songs they have a free option to. It is limited, but luckly I got a week for free premium and then it switched to the free version so I already composed my playlist. (Eventhough 90% of it is Rammstein but who cares it is my stuff and this has proven to help in more ways than i could think of anyways.)

Lastly don’t look at your member horney or not too much or long as this can trigger you into fapping. It starts your thoughts going crazy into planning should I or shouldn’t I.

But surely I can testify by only applying a shift in thoughts it will influence the rest and will be easy to avoid touching and looking to much. You’ll forget you was horney. Even if you don’t touch if it is super hard to shift your thoughts will also greatly increase your success rate on beating the urge.

This helped me plenty and I hope it helps you too!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Singing in the shower. A holy grail which solved a shit ton of problems for me. Good one, brother.


Yeah music and songs can really transform our mind. I think that’s because music invoke our emotions so we can get rid of desire. You may notice p**n videos don’t have background music, maybe that’s why…

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I don’t think any that I have watched have heavy metal or metal or rock in the background not even so as to hear the lyrics so good too :joy:as we are mostly intuned for those groans and moans in porn since it is so heavily amplified in the videos. Not really worried about a porn with rock in it and sure as hell not going to search for one in the near future. I don’t do that shit no more bro…

Fact of the matter is when tuned into music we also use the same reward center as would with porn or pleasure as we feel the beat we feel good to dance to it as well. That’s why it is also feels good to tap to the beat or going ballistic in rock or metal songs.

Also the emotion behind a song is what also drives us and we tend to love a song or hate it if the beat or sound of it is according to your liking.
So aswell with so little music in porn I don’t really think anyone could connect porn and music. And I believe it would be naturaully harder to do it with a foreign language too that you hust recently learned. Just a thought though.

Stay strong and awesome and good luck!

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I have these two problem.
Angry - by birth I have this problem when I feel frustrated or tensed.
Lonely - since childhood I have very few selective frnds. But sometimes I miss what I don’t have.

@Ultramatt24 how to control these?

Hi bro,

Do you have a religion? If so, try to pray every morning, before every meal and before you rest at night. Getting in touch with our higher being will remind us actually how small we are and how insignificant is our circumstances compared with His greatness.

If you don’t have a religion, it’s OK too… I heard a lot about meditation on this platform. Many Bros talked about it. I seldom meditate but I prayed a lot. From what I understand, meditation can achieve similar effect as praying. It’s about getting in touch with our inner self. Our deepest need to be one with nature, one with our body, mind and spirits. There are lots of reference materials online for reference…

May be it’s good time to find out what’s your interest, hobby. E.g. music, sports, martial arts, cooking, etc. I’m sure there are such activity groups near where you live. Feel free to join them.

Wishing you all the best bro! :pray:t2::blush:


@Adidas2201, just to add that when you get your anger controlled, you may be surprised that you’ll gain more good friends (and even female ones) that you never thought possible! :blush::+1:t2:

Provided you continue your nofap journey and keep your charms going…:muscle:t2:


Brother @neetwarrior pls share your sharing code…