How to be social


Yes. For some of you it might be obvious. But I struggle with making acquintances. Not just women. People in general.

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By going in soceity.


Because you watch porn & play with your dick.


I m 23 days clean. But i need ways to create scope to be social. people are so busy nowadays with their own stuff.

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Join a social club like
coaching classes,
Music lessons,
Yoga classes,
Go to vegetable market,
Go to a sports stadium,
Help people in hospitals,
Visit temple,church or mosque,
in village you will find a lot of idle farmers.

Plenty of ways if you wanna get social. :wink:

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Same here bro its been tough. Still tough. I might just join a gym and start there or something that will get you ahead in life but in the same time benefits your social life.


Razor : 23 days clean is really good so now is the time to go out and meet new people while you are feeling less socially anxious and better about yourself. Maybe start by starting random conversations with strangers like I did today with the guy who sold me a calendar for 2019. Ask the person at the checkout how their day is going? Busy day? Is a good opener; chat to anyone and everyone doesn’t have to be a hot girl as you get better at talking to anyone it should get easier to chat to girls you find attractive.
Yes and join a club of some sort maybe a choir, art group, running club, local walking group anything is better than staying home alone I’d say which is temptation zone for most if not all of us.
New friendships can come from group involvement and life gets a little easier and more bearable hopefully…

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