How to avoid strong urges

Hey guys I’m new to this forum but not new to trying to quit porn. I’m currently on day 19 from PMO but lately have these strong urges to go on my computer and check the updates to porn sites I used to follow. Here’s my thought process. I really want to see which babes are on and what they look like naked. I wanna see if they’re smoking hot and how young they are. I want to see what skills they got. I want to fap to them but I know I’ll regret it but maybe just this one time won’t hurt. How do I stop these urges??? I’m trying to keep busy but just can’t keep them out of my head sometimes. Thank you

When I am having urges I try:

  • ignore it first by doing another thing like moving to another open room, some exercise or domestic chores
  • think what will happen if I give in to the urge
  • think why I am fighting this urge

It is not easy, but normally some time after the urge will pass.

PMO just destroy our good habits and love and replaces them with just a big lust, leaving us always empty and unsatisfied with everything, even itself.

PMO never helped anyone of us any moment and never will.

It is never worth. PMO is NOT an option.


I would advice you to talk to someone ,maybe someone from your family or your friends. Not about the urges, but anything else. Maybe some work that you can help each other with, cracking some funny jokes, reminiscing about some good old memory. Just try to crack a good conversation. Nothing distracts a person better than good,old gossip.

Other than that, you may engage in some exercise or probably a hobby like reading books or playing games. A stroll outside might also do you a lot of good.
I would also advice you to research about the harmful effects of pmo. The more you are aware about how bad it can hurt you, the more resolve will develop. You will then be better mentally prepared against the urges.
Good luck!


Honestly the best thing that works for me, ia that as soon as you want to M, immediately go to another room with someone in it. You don’t even have to talk to them, but if you’re around them- its usually enough to distract from PMO, for me anyways. Try this and see how it goes!


When I get really bad urges, I go to the nearest sink, turn on the cold water from the faucet, and splash ice cold water in my face. This activates the mammalian diving reflex, which causes vasoconstriction in the peripheral regions of the body, limiting blood flow in muscles and skin, while redirecting blood to the heart, lungs and brain. The momentary shock response your body gets from the cold water also helps you mentally snap out of your urges, as you suddenly feel more awake/aware.