How to ask to have the lust of watching pornography defect removed

Christocentrism (how to remove defects)
To succeed in life you have to become a fisher of men. Jesus chose his disciples among the poor fishermen. They had to stop catching fish to become fishers of men. Do you want to achieve success, power, glory? He hears this advice: “Put the bait that the fish likes on the hook.”

Do not talk to others about the things that interest you. Yours is uniquely yours. The human being is selfish, unfortunately, and he only wants to know what interests him. If you tell others about the things that he wants and wants, you will positively influence him and get everything you need with him. You have to learn to see the point of view of others and help them to resolve their conflicts. So we solve our own problems too. Become an altruistic and caring person. Help others with your advice, strive to understand the point of view of others, and you will be able to fish in abundance. When we begin to understand others, we also begin to take the first steps on the path of happiness and success.

You have to study and understand the functions of the mind. He who knows the mental mechanism is able to control it. Much has been said about mental strength and there are many schools that teach how to concentrate the mind. No one can intelligently deny the power of thought. This force is made up of radioactive waves and forms that travel from one brain to another. You have to develop that wonderful strength; But we must warn that thought and action must be wisely combined if we are to succeed in life. Concentration of thought is miraculous when intelligently combined with action.

The mental force performs wonders and wonders when it is based on sincerity and truth. Do not try to deceive others. Do not use mental concentration to deceive others because failure for you will be inevitable. Mental strength performs wonders when used to help others. By helping others we benefit ourselves. That is the law.

Do you need to succeed in something important? Sit in a very comfortable chair, relax your muscles, focus on the business that interests you. Imagine the business in full swing. Identify yourself with others; try to understand your neighbor’s point of view; Advise him mentally by making him see the advantages that the business that he is going to carry out with you means for him. Thus, the mental waves will penetrate very deeply into the minds of others and will do wonders. One hour of perfect concentration is enough to determine success in a business. Every merchant has the right to get money, but what you sell must be good, useful and necessary for others. Do not try to deceive others, because you are deceiving yourself. Crowds of street vendors walk the streets offering their wares uselessly. Nobody is interested in those goods. People even get annoyed when they meet these salespeople. The mistake of these salespeople is that they only think about their own thing and talk about theirs. If they learned to see someone else’s point of view, they would inevitably succeed.

It is necessary to understand that every human being has an “I” that wants to stand out, make itself felt, climb to the top of the ladder, etc., precisely this is the weak side of the human being. You also have that weak side. Do not fall into the same mistakes of others. Never say “I”. Always say “We”. Whoever dominates himself can also dominate others.

Insinuate intelligently what you want, but don’t say, “I want.” Remember that others are not interested in what you want. Let others prepare your idea as if it were theirs. Put the elements for that preparation, put them very intelligently. Let others come up with your idea. You can be sure that others are happy to develop your idea. People like to feel important: that is the weakness of the Self. Exploit this weakness. Never feel important, and you will be important. Try to dissolve the “I”, and you will be truly happy.

All success in life depends on your ability to deal with other people. It is necessary to leave selfishness and cultivate Christ-centeredness. It is urgent to work for the common good. It is essential to dissolve the I and always think like us. The term we has more force than the selfish I.

All the great failures in life are due to the Self. When he wants to make himself felt, stand out, climb to the top of the ladder, then the reactions of other people come, the result of such mental reactions is failure. Remember that the I is energetic. The I is desire. The I is memory. The Self is fear. Violence, hatred, desires, fanaticism, jealousy, mistrust, etc. You need to deeply exploit all the backgroundsof your mind because inside you have that which is called: I, Myself, Ego, etc.

If you want to succeed in life, you must dissolve the Self. If you want to dissolve the Self, you must disintegrate all its defects. If you want to disintegrate all your defects, do not condemn or justify them: Understand them. When we condemn a defect, we hide it in the deep recesses of the mind. When we justify a defect, we strengthen it horribly. But when we understand a certain defect then we completely disintegrate it.

(Ego = mistake = I, I’m lustful, I am lazy, etc.)
When the I dissolves we are filled with fulfillment and happiness. When the “I” dissolves, the Being, the Spirit, and love are expressed within us and through us. Remember that God, the Spirit, the inner Being of every man and every woman and every creature, is never the Self. The Self is Divine, Eternal and perfect. The Self is the Satan of the biblical legend. The I is not the body. The I is energetic and diabolical. In the Self is the root of misery, poverty, failures, disappointments, unsatisfied desires, violent desires, hatred, envy, jealousy, etc. Change your life right now. It is urgent that you understand the need to end all your defects to dissolve the I, the Satan, the cause of all failures. When the I dissolves, only Being, God, Happiness remains within us. God is Peace, abundance, happiness and perfection.

Practice. A great man, after studying himself, discovered that he had twelve defects that were hurting him. This man said: “Just as it is impossible to hunt ten hares at the same time, because the hunter who wanted to do this would not hunt any, so it is also impossible to kill my twelve defects at the same time.”

This man came to the conclusion that it would be better to marry one hare and then another; end first with one defect and then with another. This man resolved to dedicate two months to each defect. When the man reached twenty-four months, he no longer had the defects. He had finished with the twelve defects that prevented him from achieving success. The result was wonderful. This man became the first citizen of the United States. His name: Benjamin Franklin. Imitate this character. Examine yourself and see how many defects you have. Count them, number them. Then spend two months on each defect, in successive order, until you eliminate all of them.

Sit in a comfortable chair. And pray to your Inner God like this:

You who are my true being, You who are my Internal God, Enlighten me, Help me. Make me see my own flaws. AMEN.

Concentrate on this prayer until you reach deep sleep. Try to discover all his defects. We advise you to read the Bible. In the four Gospels the word of the Divine Master is found. There you will see the virtues that he needs. There he will discover the virtues that are missing. Where a virtue is lacking, there is a defect.


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