How this forum works?

Hi, im new here. I really to make this forum my waste of time (but healthy). What are topics? Is the groups of active members? Can i follow other members? Are there moderators? Can i make friends here? Thanks for reading

Sorry for bad english


What are topics?
Anything in regards fighting our addiction.

Is the groups of active members?
Yes fairly active towards the evening.

Can i follow other members?
Yes, you just need their sharing code.

Are there moderators?
They exist somewhere yes.

Can i make friends here?
Oh for sure! I been slowly becoming fond of some people i been talking to, even though i never met them in person.


Hey :blush: , I am new here too

I found this community is best to quit addictions
All members here are supportive
People motivate you ,share their problems ,give/ asks advice etc


Im a moderator here. Feel free to DM me if anything.


And I am the Translator :joy::joy::joy:. Feel free to tag me if you want to translate anything from Malayalam ( A random language that exist in this world ) to English.


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