How much dopamine does music release?

I listen to music everyday and was wondering how much dopamine is released as compared to PMO. Maybe excessively listening to music can be a problem too.


anything done excessively is a problem :slight_smile:
but i guess that definitely less dopamine is released


Ok, so please understand this. DOPAMINE IS NOT BAD. Infact, low dopamine level in body can lead to depression. Dopamine is released when you do something which you like. For example, when you score good marks in test, Dopamine is released. When you eat your favorite food, Dopamine is relased. When finally achieve a goal that you set for yourself, Dopamine is relased. Without Dopamine, human life is nothing but a waste. Obviously, excessive relase of Dopamine is bad. Things like junk food, mastrubation, psychedelic drugs etc relases high amount of Dopamine in one go. So that is why those things should be avoided.


Music also release dopamine, but not as immediately as an orgasm. it’s like a little sloping mountain and the orgasm is like climbing mount Everest in 1 second. Even so everything done excessively is bad and can cause you addiction in a lesser degree. You don’t have to stop listening to your favorite music🎼, but at least try to achieve a “Nomusic challange” for 1 or 2 weeks to prove yourself if you really have problems with this.


I need to confess. I’m somewhat addicted to my music track list. I have to experiment, no music for a week and see how my mind is reacting.