How many days require to break this habit?

How many days it will take to completely free from this habit?

Hello, this is a very tricky question. I really don’t know the answer. Personally, i was able to stop PMO for 107 days and then relapsed, so i don’t think that 90 days are sufficient. However, i can definitely tell you that after 90 days you will feel way better in every aspect of your life.
For this time, i decided that i wanna treat this addiction like any drug addiction and i will avoid all the triggers for at least 1 year and 2 months. I hope it works, so i can break this cycle once and for all.


There is a formula to figure that out, but I don’t remember it. Basically its proportional to the time you have been addicted. Personally i believe that you need 6 months to break physical addiction part and 6 months to break the mental addiction part. So at least a year.


Short answer 45-90 days


The more you will starve pmo to your brain, the sooner you will recover. Your brain will rewire. Avoid p at all costs


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