How long until puffiness goes away?

So one of the benefits from nofap is that u get less acne and a more defined jaw line.
I have definatley noticed this after peopl mentioned it. Its just that i was relapsing so much i never got to see it! Daaaammnn looks so much better.
But i relapsed through masturbation though i didnt view porn- Im porn free :ok_hand:.
My face has gone back up and jawline is way less defined.
I find it takes about a week to get my jawline back, how about you guys?


I donno about the genuity of this claim man. But am puffy faced. I want to get a well defined jaw line too.

Not sure if that happens in NoFap but what I do know is that acne is reduced yes definitely.!
As far as the jawline goes not so sure.
I think you need to do some jaw exercises for that I think.

May have been a confidence boost then. But for sure i feel like my jaw is more defined. Thrs gpt to be a clear difference. I often get compliments as well about how it looks like ive lost wieght- when i havnt- but its due to the nofap.

Maybe it is all in my head.

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Puffiness might be a result of decreased testosterone and you appear to be more as a kid than man.
just my loud thinking


I fully understand what your talking about, I’m a lean person and I can CLEARLY see a change in my facial appearance and my jawline… When I’m on a streak I have extremely less/small eye bags and my jawline is defined and my eyes look better… But when I relapse my jawline is noticeably less sharp and more of a puffy look, and my eyes would get puffy eye bags and I am a firm believer on this concept because I experienced it


You will definitely see your appearnce change, I don’t know where it comes from but it has a lot to do with nofap. Appearnce will change for the better, trust me on this one.


Im glad you have the same- im not the only one!
Gives extra reason to not relapse