How long to heal?

Hope everyone is doing good :muscle::muscle:

I would like to know the opinions of more experienced members about how much time it took for you to really heal from all the mental and physical damage porn and masturbation caused you.

I have been addicted to this shit since I was like 13 and I am 27 now so I am aware that the longer you have been controled by this the harder and longer it will be going back to normal, sadly I have been fighting against this the last 10 years and the longest I have been able to go is 28 days, I have managed to do that twice but in those two ocasions I have felt extremely agressive, and the anxiety hit hard, so ultimateley I surrendered to the urges after 28 days.

Currently the longest I am able to go is 4 days (pretty weak I know), one of the things I notice is that phyiscal exercise makes me horny as fuck, and really makes this process harder, so I would really apreciate to know some of your experiences because I have decided to go all in with this and I am determined to go atleast 90 days no matter what it takes, but it would be nice to know if what I have felt during my longest streaks is normal, and after how many days you start getting used to this new lifestyle


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I can tell you one thing. Mental healing will be almost complete in 90 days. Physical healing will take many more months. All x health problems will vanish after around 90 days but you will become visibly more muscular in many months (at natural pace).
Remember to reinstall or keep the blocking softwares at 200-300 streak. It is always better to be safe than to be subtly overconfident.