How long to come how far

hey guys
i’m curious. how long ago did you start nofap?
how far did you come in this time?

i sometimes feel depressed since this whole getting clean thing takes me much more time than expected.

i started something like 10months ago and in the last two months i had some solid 20-35days streaks but never more than that :persevere:

I have started for 8 months and the highest streak was 11 days. Now back at day 5. :slight_smile:

Day 5 out of 1000 days

I started last month and haven’t relapsed since. It’s 35 days now, still going strong. Let’s hope it stays that way forever. #Nofapforever

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I started rewire companions in February.
Highest streak 203.
Current streak 203 (they’re the same streak).