How long does it take to regain focus and iq after starting NoPMO?

I’m a CSE student. In school I used to be extraordinarily good at maths and science. But since past 2-3 years I’ve been stuck in PMO cycle. Now I want to reboot. Today’s my 21st day and I’ve started having glimpses of my natural mindset and focus. This made me realize how much mental fog I had in past 3 years. Now I just want to regain my natural iq and focus. I want to increase my brain sharpness. Please guide me someone.


Recovery time in months = (no. of years addicted)*2
Normal life begins after that and real net progress begins

So for you it is at least 180 days of semen retention with transmutation practices. Do it. Best of luck!


I think nobody can give you a definite answer on that, as much as I can understand your need for a guide.
Focus isn’t something that just comes back, at least in my experience. Of course the more days lay between you and PMO, the less likely you’re gonna be distracted by thoughts revolving around it. But if you are in general likely to drift off, your mind will find something else to distract itself. What you have to learn is to choose what to focus on, where to direct your concentration, and you do that by practicing.
And how fast that’s gonna work…see it as learning a language. Some people learn a language in half a year, others in three. The best I think anyone can do is we watch him or herself closely and try to notice your progress bit by bit to get an understanding on yourself :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestions.

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I can guide you in this matter.

You have noticed an increase in focus… and if i am not wrong… the focus is there at some point of time and it goes away when the energy is exhausted.

If you keep on moving forward with your streak… i must say your current focus will get double by the time you reach around day 50 mark and by this we can calculate further…

I would say in about 6 months of hard mode you can have a focus which will enable you to do your work with ease.