How long does it take for the urges to go away?

I been 9 days of nofap, the urges come and go. So how long does it take for the urges to stop completely if I keep resisting them?


You can’t …no one in this earth can’t stop the urges completely…but you can handle the urges if you are a pro no fapper…

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Urges are due to mind. Your mind wanders a thought arises in your brain and activates the part of the brain which is related to pleasure center. As a result focus of the brain shifts to instant gratification and you cannot concentrate on anything else. With no fap what will happen you gain control of the brain urges will not go completely their frequency will reduce since either brain will learn that you will not act on them or you understand where this thought will lead to and you would kill it before it becomes powerful. No fap is the way to have power over your brain and use it for your benefit and not let the monkey brain overpower you. Be patient and slowly observe what is happening with you as you reap the benefit along this journey. Benefits of no fap are way more than just stopping of urges. May be take urges as an adventure sports how much thrill we are when we successfully fight our fear. Use it as a motivation that you are alive. Instead of fighting them let them be your friend.see what does urges do to your body mind without acting on them

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If u observe ur urges and dont act upon it , they will go in 30 minutes