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So following that relapse last week I told you guys that ill be fine and ill get back up like nothing happened, well thats what I did and it helped me bounce back, some benefits still remain, but then I today I got negative emotions and felt like crying for no reason, I’m wondering if it’s the after effects from my relapse 6 days ago, but honestly, I miss being at 80 days, because at 6 days, I feel like I’m a beta again and I find it difficult to look people in the eye, whereas, when I was on that streak I could feel myself improving every successful day I went through, I was able to look people in the eye without being scared to, and I was like an Alpha on 80 days.


Well just dont destroy yourself with another relapse…most of the negative feelings are cos of your mentality…like 90% of your progress is still here…



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So this time no come back break previous record streak


I don’t think the “replase” is the problem. But the negative effects of it and overfocusing on it. Currently im on day 1,173 before that was a 15 odd year porn addiction.

You can choice life by retention or have short term pleasure by “waxing the carrot”. Commit whole heartedly and choice your Elders/Mentors wisely.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

It’s called desensitisation ,u can develop by mindfulness

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