How I fell from +1000 days and relapsed

I think I should explain how I fell from +1000 days and relapsed. I know a lot of people where looking up to me as a role model, I felt like I failed everyone including myself. But upon reflection I am only human, and seeing me fall and then rise again to great heights is again a great example of what can be achieved.

This why I relapsed. It was because I became emotionally traumatised, my dog died, then my father died, all the stress about covid lockdown and vaccine mandates because I chose not to be vaccinated,I was at risk of losing my employment. It all became too much for me and I relapsed. After I relapsed I was in a even worse mental and emotional condition. I was so down I could no longer continue nofap, I need a break from Nofap until my sanity returned and I was ready to begin again and seriously apply my convictions and dreams.

I am back stronger than ever, I have learnt from this relapse. If bad times and news comes again I will be prepared to stand strong.

Watch and follow me watch me rise from the ashes, I am reborn. This first streak will be a long one, it will be my greatest achievement of nofap +9000 days. Returning to a long streak is easy for me now because I know how to achieve it because I have done it before. I am already flying, my spirit has risen to the challenge. I am at peace within my heart, spirit and body, all working together in harmony to achieve +9000 days. Follow and count the days with me, today is day 10.


Nice Paul :ok_hand:
Wishing you all the best!


You will surely rise again to great heights!.
I wish you the best.


I will rise, I have no doubt that this my first attempt after the fall will be of great success and I will achieve FOREVER NOFAP


Thats a real man right there :muscle:
Wishing you all the best :sunflower:


Thank you for your kind words.

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@paoolos Also wish you success. You are my confirmatiom that it is possible. I want for myself that these 8 days of difference between our streaks last as long as possible.


We will both achieve 1000 days but 8 days apart.


Congratulations. If you have reached 1000 days already then it was not a relapse. As masturbation is only natural force. It was bound to happen. We should not keep extreme expectations even in noFap.
Masturbation became problem when we made it our daily thing. On top of that we invented non natural stimulants like porn. We lost control of that natural action and made it addiction.
Stop counting days kow. noFap is a medicine. Once disease is cured, purpose of medicine is served. Just don’t do things which brought you that disease. Don’t challenge yourself for higher streak. Challenge for higher state in life. Follow NORMAL lifestyle - the way it should be. Do not bind it with streak.


This is the words of an addict. You do not say to a drug addicted person, you defeated it now you can take drugs again. Masturbation and porn work the same way drugs do in the brain to cause addiction. It must never become part of you life again, even if you think you can control it, it will at some point take control of your again.

It was a relapse because I had not yet achieved my goal. 1000 days means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I count days because I enjoy it. Masturbation is not inevitable that is only an excuse for failure. Extreme expectations are how human beings achieve great things.

I will count days and have high expectations because I am aiming for perfection. My goal is not to achieve 1000 days, my goal is to achieve FOREVER NOFAP. I aim to never masturbate or watch porn again in my life.

You can set lower standards for yourself if you wish, that is your choice. Please don’t try to limit my potential.

I will never masturbate again in my life FOREVER NOFAP.


I am not encouraging you anyway to masturbate regularly. And I will never say watching porn is ok now. All I am saying is, its time to shoft your focus from NOT FAPPING to WINNING IN REAL LIFE.
What is the goal of rehabilitation? To shift the focus of addict from drug to life - career, hobby, getting compatible life partner, starting family. Not to build your life around “not taking drugs.”

Addicts do have to spend certain amount of time keeping single goal “not to take drug” as they are already inch deep in addiction. But thats treatment phase…

I wrote this specifically because somewhere you sounded like you want to be in rehab mode all life. When you already crossed 1000 days sober.

All the best with your life.

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The thing is that I can focus on nofap and winning in life at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. Nofap never consumes my mind, it never stops me from enjoying my life. Nofap adds to my life value, it detracts nothing. For me nofap is not a treatment or rehabilitation, it is a lifestyle choice for me

I choose FOREVER NOFAP, I also choose to live as a single man for lifetime and remain a virgin until I die. I think you are thinking that I am a young man, I am 55 years of age.


Interesting concept, i see it as a tool much like a hammer. Can bulid, destroy or rust your choice. I indefinitely understand porn is a distraction from life and that isn’t productive.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

We can only learn for ourselves, I am 55 years of age. Being older means I may see things a little differently.

Your lifestyle choices are your own, I do not judge your choices just as you should not judge mine.

We each make different lifestyle choices depending on how we wish to live our lives.

You live your way and I will live my way. Neither is better or worse, we choose to live in a way that makes us happy, not in a way that will make others happy.

I love my lifestyle and my choices and I would not choose a different way… This way makes me happy and in the end that is all that matters.


More power to you. :pray:

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