How I conquered mine to the extent that I don't count anymore

One fact about masturbation is that it’s the devil’s work and you need something stronger than him to overcome it. The devil has been around for thousands of years now and he’s smarter than everyone and every solution created for masturbation by man but there’s one solution he can’t outsmart; God’s. Masturbation starts with temptation to watch porn or look at porn related contents , I believe we know this. The temptation feels so strong and impossible to overcome that it feels like trying to carry a truck. But do you what God says about this temptation? He says he’ll never allow such temptation that is stronger than you (1corinthians10:13) and you can trust him, he’s the only one I know that doesn’t lie. But many people do not know this truth, some know it but they don’t know how it works; but john 8:32 says “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. One step to freedom is knowing what you need. You can chat me up on whatsapp for help: +2348147897854.



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