How does this forum work?

How exactly does this forum work? I’m confused

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It’s pretty straightforward.

You can post a question, just like you did, and respond to others.
This is a great tool for learning new things about fighting addiction.

Think of it like a big room where we can all talk to each other.


If you are still confused, could you explain what aspect of it doesn’t make sense?

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I’m confused about what sharing codes are

Even I was confused more than you in the beginning time. Just give few minutes to this forum read the posts you’ll understand everything so easily.

Share code: it’s a code(only if you share) which enables to other companions to see your current streak as well as when you reset the streak.
You will find it in my companion tab below(if you’re using mobile application)

Check this post :point_down: there you can find your sharing code too…


@Adidas2201 @MethodicalSpartan
Guys sharing code mean that you want to follow someone reading his message borge , it’s a way to be close for your friends …
This is a photo to be clear …

You have not to be confused …
Take your time to know about …