How does NoFap improve your face and make it look brighter?


Hey I just wanted to know what good things does not fapping does to your face?


Even though no one knows you will hear everything from no change at all to you will look like a goddess afterwards.

(sorry for being a little bit pissed. It’s not because of you)


Thanks for replying. I am a guy btw


I don’t believe that there are direct physical alterations to your face, such as your nose getting bigger or jaw becoming more gaunt. However, I too have heard people express that their face “brightens up” after a few weeks of NoFap. If you look at testimonials/success stories, a common thing that people undergoing NoFap experience is that they feel more confident and energetic. I can imagine that this confidence and energy is exuded in their facial expressions as well, hence why they appear “brighten up”. Basically, because your mood and energy is improving, you start to look happier too as a result.


I get it. But I have also heard people sayin that NoFap makes your face fairer than earlier. The skin tone changes to a little more white. Is that true?


Forget about magic stuff.
Put simply you don’t waste your energy by fapping, and you feel more your emotions and energy.

As a result your body has more energy, you feel it more, people notice you more, your face might appear more brighter(full of life). The face expression might change because of the energy, how it change is subtle and different for everyone.

Don’t focus too much on that, do it without expectations, having expectations might slow down progress


Basically this. Nofap does changes your hormones somewhat maybe. I don’t know much about it though, I highly doubt it will change them enough to notice a significant difference such as a clearer skin.

But I’m not the right person to answer this question, I’ve had a pretty fair skin before nofap and I still have a pretty fair skin


But they said NoFap makes you more attractive and girls start to notice you. How true is that?


Last i did the nf challenge. I found my dark circles disappeared and my skin brightened. Also not just my cheeks but my overall body just tightened. I looked more masculine. It all went down when I when I relapsed. I believe it’s all because your testosterone levels increase when you don’t fap. Which enhances your masculinity. also, since you are not letting out, all the precious minerals stored in semen are reused to repair your body.

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I have been taking selfies throughout this nf journey and I can tell you right now I looked terrible during fapping. As I got a hold on my addiction, my face seemed to become more defined, glowing, and all around better looking face. Now that I’ve pushed passed that mental plateau I was dealing with, I don’t even look like the same person I was 2 years ago. Also I’ve had a friend’s mom tell me I look like a man now, after not seeing me for 4-6 months.

You will become more attractive.

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