How do you fight PMO?

I have been on this journey for about 9 months and with hundreds of relapses and i just wanted to ask how do you fight PMO? I know these basic exercise and cold shower tricks but do you know any more? For a lil exchange I’ll give you my trick.
So basically it contains running but the excercise is not the point. The point is ro train your willpower! The first one to two days you have to go running and understand how much you can run. From now on whenever you are bored and don’t have anything to do just go running, and look for some landmark that is a bit over the limit you can run. Now run to this landmark and say “Oh, that landmark there is so close i’ll run to that one too” And just continue doing it! You will start feeling more exhausted and tired and you will think that it’s a time to give up. NO IT IS NOT! Just keep on runnin’ and well don’t get yourself killed at one point you must stop. Then walk home or take a bus or something.
Basically the running is you doing no PMO and the tiredness is an urge. The whole point of this is to train you resist an urge!
That’s my way. What is you’r way to fight?


Running is definitely a great start at building healthy habits to beat pmo.

  1. Download a vocabulary app to help your wording.
  2. Hit the gym atleast 3 times a week
  3. Duolingo
  4. Figure out your lifes purpose.
  5. Create a system, not goals.
  6. Find a dream, and follow it.

You cannot just quit something. You have to replace it. This works very well for me. Best of luck to ya bud. The urges will becomes less noticeable over time.


Wow these are some definetly new tricks for me! Although I can’t get to the gym easy because i live in countryside… Maybe other people can use it tho!
Wish You luck on Your journey!

I live in countryside and I have exercise mat on which I usually do my workout. You cann also run, ride a bike etc., so the options are endless.

That is true for sure! I actually even have a rowing machine but the repairsman is coming in a week and riding a bike is one of my favourite hobbies although currently we have ice everywhere so until next week i must stick with running.

Heres a few options for your situation
Get a pull up bar
Find a spot to do dips
Buy a yoga ball for crunches on that (crunches on the floor hurt my back now)
Get an ez bar to curl
Push ups
Flutter kicks, russian twists, leg ups
Find something heavy to do a goblet squat with.

Some of these options are free, some arent. Anything is possible my friend. Good luck to you and stay strong brother.