How do you deal with urges? Question for those 60 day and on

New to this app but not new to trying and stop my porn addiction. Ive gone maybe a month without relapse at best. Could those who are further along give advice on what they do when they have very strong urges?


you have the willpower to stop luckily ,but there is one thing that hinders willpower; shame. Find a group in real life and share the worst times this addiction has brought onto you. It is as awful and cringe as it sounds, but i have rebooted 90 days on 4 separate sprees. Now i only relapse if life hands me lemons and im not being diligent with my routine.


I have a streak of 234 days when I had urges (and I had them for 3 months) I just held on and did not give up due to willpower. but there are different ways to deal with urges. firstly, when a person begins to have urges, then he begins to be in a dope state and he does not realize what he is doing (that is, he starts to break down again). to do this, you need to restore clarity of mind during urges and not succumb to them. then you can do push-ups until your arms are tired and incapable of breaking, then you can take a cold shower and that’s it.


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