How do I block all adult content on my Laptop?

I’m a 16yr old boy! I always relapse on 15-21 Day And I’ve blocked all content on my phone but can’t do the same on desktop! Can anyone suggest some software (free, i can’t tell my parents I’m a freaking addict of this things And want money)

i can help you but its overwhelming a little bit

Hey there buddy!

Well, I also don’t know as most of the stuff apps on the phones are available on the laptops or other devices.

I know about 90% ask for money( I can be corrected) , but I never really believed in a porn blocker.

I became my own blocker. I might not look like much, but I have been porn free for this year. See it is though and you need to push through and make your choice.

Yes, going without one’s devices is hard as phones and laptops make everyday tasks much easier as tutorials articles etc. Can be explored in just a click or tap.

  • If you want change you gotta actually and actively chase it. See on your phone it is easy. Download an app that does it for you, but you never stop thinking about searching for porn. You don’t make that decision as your phone or app does it for you.

Seen as it controls your searches and urges for porn you don’t think on this problem and how to come up with your own ideas or decisions and only create more and more cravings.

And it is a useless practice since you bypass this process in 2 ways. 1. " I don’t care I will just browse it on my laptop."

  1. "The blocker is just in my way I should probably delete it since I check porn out anyways. So why not just my phone it is quicker and effortless. "
  • The use of your devices.

Well, this says alot. As in what you use your devices for and also when and where you use your devices.

See key concepts you need to concider in you daily use basis.

It is clear to say if you use your phone for porn then your mind will constantly worry on going back to porn. Also obviously if the place and time allows it.

So instead give your devices a schedule and task. Eg. Laptop= research for school projects = in the day use only = in the kitchen or living room only= ( also when someone is around or close ) < early stages

For the phone a similar aproach can be managed as well and you can give a lights out time for all devices a hour or more before bedtime.

It will be a struggle but hey it has advantages such as a better nights sleep no distractions and also not sleeping to late. Also will reprogram the way your brain think in terms of using any devices.

As mentioned it might sound all easy and good it is yes , but in order to get comfortable with any device some sacrifices are going to be made.

At least for the start no social media on any device. Okay what about YouTube.

Well I love YouTube it is amazing and have been youtubing often and thought of beginning my own channel maybe one day. But for now it has given me awesome opportunities. I get the gym in the comfort of my home. Super awesome exercise routines just a click away and awesome to do along.

Not only that, but my german language learning capabilities increased tremendously. Also I get to travel and see parts of the world that I wanna see. (Sure not the best experience as it is better to view it in real life being there), but nowadays seeing this is learning and growing me so much more.

Bored well 100 of tutorials are online to learn and you can absolutely see every detail and aspect of a given topic. Such as car engine animations or maths amd science better explained.

Well, not only that but Spotify changed my life in this aspect as well. As I laugh along to german podcasts or other podcasts or truely delve into thought as I listen about truely interesting topics like bussiness or organising skills or politics. Well this list is long, but the best thing is a podcast can take the blues out of task such as tidying your room or to go for a walk or jog.

Also Spotify changed how I viewed music. I was a typical guy you never saw me with earphones in all day long or to bob my head to a song. Well, obviously as I couldn’t access my songs( also german rock which is hard to come by in my country).

Point is and sorry for the long post, but in order to make it work for you rather then just procrastinating about the problem look for a new angle see what you can do in order to change and to learn from prior mistakes.

Mistakes like :

  • If you use your phone in bed at bedtime when you usually watch porn.

  • Poking the bear and say porn doesn’t bother me.

Or other mistakes that make you relapse like maybe you use your phone when alone and caused a relapse.

Stuff you need to focus on in order for you to change and adapt accordingly!!

Remember control and focus is key.

Control your thoughts and Ideas and rather focus on a goal and control yourself to work towards it don’t give up and focus on becoming better each day!

I will leave you a pics to motivate you!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!


I encourage you to talk with your parents.
Be careful about this. My parents were very harsh and judgemental when they found out and didn’t help me at all. But, I have a friend who’s parents were very supportive and encouraging to help him overcome addiction.
It is my opinion that getting help in person from someone close to you is very, very helpful. Both for support and accountability. They could be willing to pay for blockers or to help keep you away and safe.
I don’t know your parents so you will have to decide how supportive they will be. If you are not ready to tell them, try reaching out to a religious leader. Lots of schools have counseling for free.
Secrecy feeds addiction. Being open and honest about it with those you can trust is very important. Be cautious about who to talk to, but i strongly encourage you to find someone, if not your parents, to confide in, in person.
Best of luck on your journey :+1:

Man it always is inspiring to see 16 year olds doing nofap, God bless. We didn’t even knew this was bad lol. Anyways I’ve DM’D you regarding the query you’ve been looking.

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Hi I am 29 and am just a nofap amateur.
But here is my experience… even after i blocked porn for 6 months I did relapse every week as usual.
My mind was playing all fantasies for me. I had enough content running and felt the urge again n again.
It was terrible.
Few things that helped me

  1. Started a new ( good ) habit. Fitness was my choice .
    Starting is easier than stopping
  2. mindfulness meditation ( headspace) was good.
  3. tried dopamine detox .there is a good video in this foru
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