How can you get more beautiful Penis?

Anyone ideas on how to get a more good looking penis i mean things like seeing veins is probably a thing u cant change, but maybe like the overall look is that possible to improve ? I mean shaving and washing with shampoo is of course but maybe there can be more done. for example do you maybe know when you workout or sweat really hard like ur balls hang really much i don’t find it so pretty and fixes ? Or when your penis shrinks like idk what. Are there any fixes ?

eat pepper and have sex

there are also exercises like jelq

but, I don’t advise. Every time I went to jelq it ended :droplet: :droplet: :droplet:

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Ohhhhh f*ckkkkkk. Beautiful penis??? Shit man. What has this Forum become now​:joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


You don’t. Only option is surgery.


This is a troll right? You’re trolling with this question I’m sure!

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Man, what do you mean by beautiful pen*s :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:?
Those who have good physique, they flaunt their body(many rolls their sleeves up to show their hardwork ), those who have beautiful face they also flaunt their face (many don’t wear mask :mask: just to show everyone their face ) and those who have beautiful pen"s they show their pe… (they don’t wear pants):neutral_face::no_mouth::no_mouth:.

Man beauty is not everything it’s temporary ,beautiful is not perfect either face or :no_mouth: .


And most importantly :-



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I mean you couldve asked for beautiful personality :sweat_smile:




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Noooo i don’t. Why should I ? This forum is about nofap so about touching ur di- what means u could also ask these kind of questions and i think every man should know how to take care of his little buddy + may making it appear more beautiful. Maybe someone could recommend for example a cream

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What’s so funny lol ?

Nah. I already got that

Good for you very nice

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Well then there’s some steps that you need to follow to have a beautiful penis.

Step 1: have a good pubic haircut.

Everyone has pubic hair, but not everyone has a pubic haircut. Make sure that your pubic haircut is on trend to please the modern women. You can keep it trimmed like a buzz cut it have a fade. You can colour it but nothing too flamboyant.

Step2: take care of your pubic hair.

Shampoo atleast 2 times a week and condition it regularly. You can apply an oil or an egg mask once a week and use hair cream or hair spray to keep the pubic hair looking dapper.

Step 3: penis skin care.

The classic routine is a must. That is wash and condition it twice a day. You can also apply anti aging cream to prevent it from wrinkling up. Also never forget to apply sunscreen on your dick before you go flashing everyone in the sun

Step 4: Cologne for your dick.

You have to make sure your dick smells nice. Make sure you don’t use those cheap ass body spray like axe and shit. Use cologne. Always cologne. Everyone knows the 6 spots on your body to put cologne but not everyone knows the 6 spots on your dick to apply cologne. I’ll tell you. One spray on each of the balls, one on the tip of your dick, one on top of the dick, one between the dick and the balls and one under the balls. It’s very important to smell fresh when your lady is gonna go under

Step 5: dick workouts

Many think that jacking off is working out your dick, it’s not. If you really need to have a jacked up dick, you need to lift weights with it. Tie some weight around your dick and suspend it while standing and try to have an erection. Getting it up is one rep. Do atleast 15 reps for 3 sets, 3 times a week.

Step 6: last but not least, makeup for the dick.

If there’s a special day and you are sure that you are gonna get action, make sure you apply some make up to make your dick looks presentable. Lipstick on the tip of the dick looks good but it’s optional



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We sure are dumb. @06.b.0.y.3 bro thanks for asking such an important question. Most of the people don’t know how important it is.

Thanks @GOVIND-19 for giving such a wonderful answer. Only pro will know these details. Especially the 6 spots of the dick for cologne part. Man never could find it any book.


Wtf …:sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:
He should start lifting with his dick whenever he gets urge