How can we get notifications for people who upvoted our message board post?



I like viewing the message board for reading other people’s daily journey and when I post something, I can never see if anyone upvoted it because I do not get any notifications for it and it gets pushed down under everyone else’s posts. I cannot search for my post at a later time, only filter by a few parameters, such as top or new posts, which is not a solution to finding my own post.

I am not talking about the normal discussion forum that has notifications and replies, I am talking about the message board.

If this functionality does not exist, when can we expect to have this functionality? Seems like a basic thing, the upvotes really motivate the posters who need all the support they can get. Thanks admin for wonderful app!


Goto sort > my posts.

Notifications and profiles are going to come sooner or later, I was ill for couple of weeks and I just started working again.
However notifications for each upvote isn’t going to be a thing since a user would be bombarded with spam notifications. I want notifications to be meaningful.


Wow I missed sort by ‘my post’ my apologies! Great work with the app friend :slight_smile: cheers!

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