How can someone with SSA overcome

I’m someone who has SSA same sex attraction, because of having SSA I find it more difficult than usual to overcome porn lust and masturbation. I probably need someone to be accountable with and a companion to keep me checked. Preferably a Christian

The male who gets attracted to male has lost his own sperm and energy to a greater extent and is not properly following discipline. Hence next time you feel it try doing some exercise to build strength. The more your power is regained by semen retention. The lesser will this feeling come to you.


Hey there! I’m a Christian, maybe I can help.

When you have SSA do you act out on it? Please DM me if you don’t want to talk about all that on this thread.

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Like, are we talking about you preferring the same sex in general or are you straight in real life but watching gay porn?

I mean there is nothing wrong in being homosexual?

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I mean I’m a homosexual there fore it’s challenging as I watch gay porn and easily aroused

brother are you really gay, or is it porn induced ?

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sometime people lose interest in girls when they watch a lot of porn and then they develop interest for extreme stuff…


I also have this issue due to pornography, despite of it I’ve never had any sexual experiences. Since you are christian I believe you don’t want to keep with it, isn’t it? DM me anything. Good luck and all the best.

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