How affects chocolate to my journey?

In some place I read that eating chocolate have the same effect of having sex.

My question: How affects chocolate to my reebot?
And,if it affects to my reboot, should it be counted as a relapse?

Another question is: If it isn’t counted as a relapse, can chocolate help me with my urges? Will chocolate give me more urges?

Let the discussion start! C:

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:sweat_smile: I guess that you refer to the fact that eating chocolate releases dopamine as well?

I mean, PMO is nothing unique in our life. Many things in our life release the same chemicals but just in smaller amounts. Everything that releases dopamine can make you addicted. Is chocolate similar to sex? I don’t think so. The amounts of hormones while eating chocolate are way smaller. That’s probably why there are more sex addicts than chocolate addicts.

Just because your brain releases the same chemicals doesn’t mean that it links one with the other. I guess I would stop eating chocolate if my habit was eating chocolate while fapping since the brain then starts to link these two things together but if you do them separately then there is no reason why one should influence the other

So, if you wanna count chocolate as a relapse because it releases dopamine too, that would mean that you would have to ban everything out of your life that gives you joy (that’s basically what dopamine does.)

To your questions:
How does chocolate affect you? -> it can give you a little, positive mood swing when you feel down
count it as relapse? -> definitely not
Chocolate shouldn’t give you more urges (at least I don’t see why). I, as a Swiss person, have to say (and that’s probably the most important thing :grin:) chocolate is always THE best solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only a Swiss or Belgian person can correctly answer about chocolate, you guys are famous because of your chocolates.

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Depends on you are that addicted or not. Being addicted to chocolate isn’t good thing. It doesn’t effects your reboot. If you listen music & felt pleasure will you cut off music? I don’t think so it’s good idea.