Honest question need honest answer

Hello guys

This question is for this who are married

I want to know if such dude also struggle with porn and masturbation

How did porn affected your sex life ?

Of course I’m not married, but I can still say that there are those who are addicted to porn and masturbation in marriage. I read a story about it. There was a husband and wife, the husband went to the bathroom every morning and turned on porn. The wife downloaded did not know what he was doing, but one morning she came in and saw that he was jerking off to porn. He said it was just to relax, while they had sex. There were no special problems in sex, but the wife was worried that her husband watches porn every day. She was worried that she herself could relax him, could suck him off without any problems, but he preferred porn more. I don’t remember how it ended in the end, but porn addiction greatly affects relationships. There was also a story about a guy who had a girlfriend, he was also a porn addict. They were supposed to have sex once, but he didn’t get up. The girl was not upset and supported him, and after that he felt bad and he decided to get rid of porn addiction for himself. Whatever it was, what’s in a marriage, what’s in a relationship, that you can’t watch porn without a relationship. It affects not only the relationship in marriage, but also the perception of women, on erection and much more.


I had a girlfriend. Now I’m alone. The answer is yes. You still seek for porn even if you have sex with your girlfriend. Of course it is a lot easier becouse with empty balls you don’t have such urges but when you don’t have sex with her for a couple of days old habits trying to tell you that you don’t have to suffer too much. Cravings for sex and cravings for watching porn are different. With empty balls there are no cravings. But releasing semen affects the brain similarly from porn and from sex. The difference is that with sex you don’t have the feeling of gulit and everything seems to be ok becouse of the fact that you have a girlfriend wife but brain fog still is when you do it too much. With porn there is also the feeling of gulit and shame becouse you feel that it is not good to masturbate alone in the room.

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I want to added that after watching porn the girlfriend seems not to be so attractive like before. But it is the same girlfriend. I remember that after watching porn I talked with her a different way, the feeling of gulit and shame came back for few days. Nothing pleasurable.

But with her I could abstain from porn longer.

I want to add that becouse of my previous streak 75 days I get her. So it works. I mean no PMO when we are single.

After watching porn my dick wasn’t hard so fast. I had to arouse myself longer before sex. Of course when I stopped watching after few days everything returned to norm.

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I am married and once everything came out there was this tension even after I started working on my addiction. As I have been accouable though the tension has been dissipating over time. Haven’t had sex as much I feel because of the tension but we didn’t cut it off completely.
I personally think it’s different per family. Not one couple is the same so I can’t say for everyone who is married.


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