Hit +600 days of NoFap : My story

As a teenager, i hit my 600 days mark of no faping and i’m currently at 602 days as i’m writing this. I don’t even count my days no more. I rarely check this app and im very inactive.Today i decided to get out from silence and share my experience and thoughts.

To get started, i started my journey when i was 15 years old, now i’m currently 17. I used to be a chronic fapper. It was a daily act that i couldn’t stop doing. But one day, after my last fap, a voice in my head said ''Why am i doing this ?, Do i really get pleasure from it ? What’s the purpose ?". After questioning myself about it, i never fapped since that day.

This was a quick sum up of my story. I won’t go further into details. I know there is more to be said so if you want to know more about me, we can talk in the comments so feel free to ask me a question!
Thanks for reading


Absolutely incredible work brother! Proud of you man. I pray I reach 600 days in due time.

I’m very interested in hearing more about this. What answers did you have for those questions? And what did you do when you got urges - did you have urges?

What benefits have you seen since quitting?


Yes i had urges especially every end of school days. Since after schools are stressful moments, they usually were the moments when my urges were awakening. After going back home, when it comes to urges, the first thing i would do is get on a safe room and think about this or that random girl i know and do the thing… I eventually did it by watching semi-naked women on Youtube.

Everytime i relapsed, i always felt that lack of motivation of doing something, i felt tired. Only like 10% of my relapses were pleasures and the rest made me feel anxious so it felt useless. The constant relapsing then made me understand that real sexual pleasure comes from a partner and not like that. If i fap just for 5 seconds of pleasure and hours of feeling depressive then the purpose is pratically nothing…

I don’t really see much benefits from it apart from saving your time and avoiding losing energy. I see it more like a discipline. I’m not saying it doesn’t give benefits. Maybe somebody else will feel different from it but i promise you that it can somehow help you become a better version of yourself IF you also follow a goal outside of nofap.

I believe there is more to say… feel free to ask questions.


@Forerunner He is 17… He has not lost his Reserves of Energy Thats why only benefit he receive is … He recovered his lost Energy… so… Now he is motivated to do Tasks… He is productive…

To know the actual loss… one must completely lose… himself… A fish dont know the value of ocean until it is pulled out of water.

God has given us all benefits when we were born… Later we lost it because of the desires & temptations of youth.

One who control & transmute sexual energy of youth can do anything in his career.

@Dominus Glad for you that you overcome this addiction early in life and i know you are not experienced in sex. As a brother… i would recommend you … a celibacy life upto your marriage and When you will start doing sex… you will understand from your own experience… what sex is… because the years of self control… will raise your awareness to that level.


@Dominus Thank you for sharing brother.

What did you do when you had urges during your 600+ day streak?

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Congrats on the 600+ days first of all. Question: did you ever struggle with porn or was it compulsive masturbation “only” that you struggled with?

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…a voice in my head said ''Why am i doing this"?
I never fapped since that day.

don’t make me cry about myself


Exactly The same voice came to me… when i started all this at 14.
Oh God…
I tried but kept failing…
I gave up after 1 year and accepted from society that Masturbation is healthy.
Next thing i knew… i was getting sick each passing year… so so sick… that today i cant do nothing.

God gave me another chance… Now i am 27… Trying again to break free from last 3 years… still failing but… this time its different…

Its like… Now OR Never…
Do OR Die.


@Sahas me too brother, i realized that many stories of companions here are very similar.
Unfortunately my limitations about english language do not allow me to share my thoughts to everyone.

However we are all together for one purpose.


I can tell masturbation is something i almost forgot to think about. It comes to my mind much less often in my daily life and like I previously said, most of my urges happens after school. I’m used to the horrible feeling fapping gives me so when it comes to urges, what i do is remember the horrible experience and feelings i had with fapping. It then became pretty easy for me to overcome it as i got used to it.


I’d say it’s just compulsive masturbation that i struggled with. I wasn’t much into porn, the porn that i watched was only for helping me relapse. I could watch women on bikinis and that would be enought for me.


Actually, i can confirm my productivity definitely raised i should have mentionned that.

My nofap journey gave me more motivation to exercice and i exercice more often than when i used to always relapse.


I understand your struggle.I’m a non native english speaker only at age 17 tho. I used to be like you. English takes time to learn just like any skill. I would recommend you to keep browsing the web in english just like you’re actually doing. Watch movies in english that might aswell help you. Good luck

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